Remove Duplicate Emails from Lotus Notes Without Any Inconsistency

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | December 18th, 2017 | Tips

If you want to delete duplicate emails in Lotus Notes then you are at the right place. Let’s explore & find out how to perform this task. But, before this let us know what Lotus Notes email client is all about.

Lotus Notes or we can say IBM Notes is an email client which uses NSF file as its storage area where all the information associated with Lotus Notes account gets stored. This application is basically used as a desktop application in the corporate environment for the mailing purpose. Another use of this application is to access the databases, such as documents libraries & other custom applications.

The Duplicate emails are created in Notes NSF files of multiple accounts of the employees that are working in the same organization consuming a lot of space or we can say unnecessary space in the storage area. Thus, this blog will be highlighting the ways by which a user a can delete duplicate emails in Lotus Notes manually as well as by using a third party utility i.e MailPro+ Lotus Notes to Outlook converter.

User Queries

“Hello, I have generated duplicate emails in Notes. Does anybody know how to delete duplicate emails from Lotus Notes? Is there a tool or script available to remove the redundancy?”

“I want three copies of emails of this month on three computers that I use namely, my home, office & laptop. Being foolish I generated many duplicate emails. The result was my mailbox is filled up with same emails. So, please provide me the solution so that I can delete the duplicate emails from my mailbox.”

How Are Duplicate Emails in Notes Generated?

The reasons for duplicate emails is quite simple. We receive so many email messages every day & there are times that we receive an email two or multiple times. Also, we receive notifications, promotion news, press releases, etc. From several websites through email messages. However, it happens that a sender is sending the same email again & again. This causes email duplicity in the mailboxes.

Duplicity causes various troubles for Notes users such as any duplicate email in the database consume as much of space as the original item does which covers the free space & need to be freed by deleting duplicates Notes contents. If by any chance number of duplicate items in the NSF database grow more then it will increase the file size. And as soon as it reaches its maximum size or tends to cross it, the NSF database becomes prone to corruption.

How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Lotus Notes

Managing the mailbox of IBM Notes account is very tough if the emails are of large size. In addition to it, duplicate emails are generated unintentionally, & thus occupies unwanted space that may hamper the performance rate of Notes application. Some of the methods to remove duplicate emails from Lotus Notes accounts are discussed below.

How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Lotus Notes Manually?

One of the manual ways is to select duplicate emails individually & delete them free up the storage space. This option is not at all feasible when there is a lot of emails present in a single account as it consumes a lot of time. Another alternative way to remove duplicate emails is by running Lotus scripts in the Domino agent. These methods do not provide satisfactory results & are also difficult for the non-technical person to use these scripts.

Perfect Solution to Remove Duplicate Emails in IBM Notes

The effective way to remove the duplicate emails is to remove redundant emails easily from the NSF files is by using a third party utility i.e Mailpro+ Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. The software removes all duplicate emails & further convert these Lotus Notes files in Outlook file format.

The software is capable to remove the redundancy & migrate all files to MS Outlook. The tool ensures to maintain the folder hierarchy during the migration process. To delete the duplicity the users need to tick the checkbox while migrating. The destination path can also be provided by the users. The tool will provide a new PST file where all the emails will be stored without any duplicate emails.


The above write-up discusses two methods to remove duplicate emails from Lotus Notes. One by using manual method & the other is by using a third-party utility. The users can choose the methods as per the requirement to delete the redundancy in the user’s account.