Print Outlook Emails with Attachment to PDF: Query Resolved

Anuraag | January 20th, 2020 | Tips

Searching for a smooth solution to print Outlook emails with attachment to PDF? You do not need to go anywhere else, as this blog will cover all the popular and trustworthy methods to print Outlook emails with attachments on any printer.

Hundreds of people worldwide want to print their emails and attachments. For them, saving the emails from PDF file is the suitable option. It is evident form the numerous queries found in the forums that, most people are not aware of the process to convert Outlook emails in PDF. If you are looking for the method to print Outlook emails with attachment to PDF, this is the right blog for you. Here we will discuss approaches that can save email with attachments in PDF format.

How to Print Outlook Emails with Attachment to PDF

Like any other emails, Outlook emails may also contain attachment files. If you are having the necessity of printing Outlook emails with attachments, the best way is to save the email in PDF. We would like to clarify in the beginning that there is no manual method available that can print Outlook emails with attachment to PDF.

To export Outlook email with attachments in PDF format, you need to take the help of PST to PDF Converter Tool. This application will help you save email from any Outlook version with attachment.

Step 1: Launch Outlook PST to PDF Converter.

Step 2: Select File or Folder option to Add Outlook PST file from which you need to save the emails.

Step 3: After the file is added, the tool will display the preview of all emails with their attachments.

Step 4: Click Export and select PDF from the next screen as the export file type.

Step 5: Apply Advanced Settings for additional settings including page layout settings and date filter.

Step 6: Set the destination for the PDF file and click on Export.

Step 7: Go to the chosen location of PDF file and open them with attachment.

Step 8: Press CTRL +P to print Outlook emails with attachments.

Additional Benefits of using PST to PDF Conversion Tool

If you choose to use this program to save email in PDF format, you will get some extra benefits. Some of them are:

  • Convert emails from multiple PST files at one go
  • No risk of data loss or corruption during conversion
  • Include / remove Internet Message Header in PDF
  • Add Bates Number and Date Stamp on PDF file
  • Set PDF page margin, page orientation, etc.
  • Save selective emails from the PST file based on date

Save Outlook Emails to PDF using Manual Method

In case you have only a few emails to print and leaving behind the attachments is not an issue, you may try the manual process. This does not need any third-party application.

a. Start MS Outlook and open the email.

b. Click on File –>>Save As to save the email in .html format.

c. Go to the location where you have saved the HTML file. Right click and choose MS Word to open the file.

d. Click on File ribbon of MS Word and select Save As option. Choose PDF format to save the Outlook email in PDF format.

e. Open the PDF file and click on CTRL + P to print the email.

User Query Regarding Outlook Email and Attachment Printing

One of my friends suggested me that saving Outlook emails in PDF is the best way to print that email. Since I have to print the attachments of Outlook emails, I cannot apply the manual method to print Outlook emails with attachment to PDF. Is there any software that I can use to add attachments to PDF? It yes, then let me now. Thanks.”

I have a project going on. For which, I need to print some Outlook emails with attachments. All I can understand from my knowledge that printing PDF files give me the best results. So, I am looking for a technique that will help me save a bulk Outlook emails in PDF with attachments. If anyone knows the way to create PDF from PST emails, please help.


Outlook users often need to print Outlook emails with attachment to PDF. This blog discussed an easy method to save emails containing attachments to PDF. Users can choose the mentioned application PST to PDF Converter for smooth export of emails in Portable Document Format and then print them conveniently. However, they can use the manual option to convert PST emails to PDF without attachment.