Lotus Notes No Sitemap Found Error Message Resolved in Simple Steps

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | February 12th, 2018 | Tips

The users have to face the error messages whenever there is some issue in the user system. But, when it comes to the Lotus Notes email client, the error occurs when there is some problem in the application. In this article, we are discussing one such error i.e. No Sitemap Found error in Lotus Notes.

There are multiple numbers of errors which can pop-up while the user is using IBM Notes application. But, the most common error which user’s face is Sitemap not found in Lotus Notes. This issue generally occurs whenever a user tries to access the mail file from the workspace and the mailbox and the calendar tabs are still open from the previous session.

Types of Error Messages in Lotus Notes

The most common type of errors that a user has to face are described as follows:

  • No Sitemap Found
  • Database has not been opened yet
  • Your current ID does not specify an Internat certificate for signing
  • Entry Not Found in Index
  • Database Corrupt – Cannot Allocate Space
  • Lotus Notes Unread Mail Count Incorrect Error

From the above-mentioned issues, some of the errors are platform dependent. But, some of these errors can occur depending on the situation. These issues are noteworthy while using IBM Notes as it can hamper the workflow of an organization or moving from the lower version to higher version Notes application. You can also get these errors while synchronizing Lotus Notes email client with Blackberry device as well.

No Sitemap Found Error in Lotus Notes – Causes & Solutions

This issue generally occurs when the users are unable to access the Inbox, Calendar, or To Do views from the open menu or the workspace. Moreover, this error occurs when a user tries to open another copy of mail file on the Server. During this error, the email client cannot create a sitemap for the display due to the presence of application’s design cache stored within the local cache.ndk. This issue can be solved by updating the client to the newer version i.e. 8.0.2 Fix Pack 3 and in 8.5.1.

If a user still faces the sitemap not found error in Lotus Notes while opening the Inbox, Calendar or To Do views, then the first thing that users should do is to close all the opened tabs of the mail file and restart the application.

There are multiple ways to fix the error messages which are faced by the users while using the IBM Notes. If by chance, the user is still getting the Sitemap Not Found Error Lotus Notes, then the users have to opt for various methods to open the inaccessible mailbox items.

As the mailbox items such as Inbox, Calendar or To Do views items are so much important for the business purpose. So, a user should go for a reliable application using which he/she can access the mailbox data without hampering the workflow of the organization. One such solution is SysTools Mail Migration Wizard which offers users to perform Lotus Notes to Exchange migration along with Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook. So, users who are unable to access their mailbox data can opt this solution and transfer their data to the email client which best fits their requirements.


Many times, the Lotus Notes users have to face the error messages whenever they try to open the data items in the email client. In this article, we have discussed one such error i.e. No Sitemap Found error in Lotus Notes. Moreover, we have also suggested the users try the third party application if they are unable to resolve error message and can’t access their mailbox data.