Mechanism to Solve Lotus Notes Unread Mail Count Incorrect Error

Shayadri Sharma | February 12th, 2018 | How to

The Lotus Notes unread mail count incorrect error occurs when the Lotus Notes is unable to keep the track of the unread messages in each folder. There are times when the unread mail messages count reflects the number which is greater than the number of messages that are present in the folder.

Thus, in this blog post, we will be going to discuss the reasons for the occurrence of this error. Along with this, we will also learn about the possible measures to resolve it completely without any hassle. Even if this error does not get resolved by the user, then the user can also go for a third party utility like SysTools Mail Migration Wizard. With this software, you can easily export Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.

Possible Scenario’s in Which this Error Occurs

The error occurrences are set against two major categories which depend on Lotus Notes release versions. You have to look whether soft deletion feature is enabled or not. Let us explore the scenarios:

The Lotus Notes Version: 6.X & 7.X

Here the users can see the error occurrence like Lotus Notes unread mail count wrong when the soft deletion feature has not been enabled.

IBM Notes Version: 6.0.3 – 6.0.4 & Notes 6.5 – 6.5.2

Here it is directly related to the use of soft deletion & it is prominent in the cases where soft deletion is enabled & the messages have been deleted from the folder. In the normal case, when a message is soft deleted it is marked as read but there are many exceptions to it. Here we will discuss the two scenarios which will help you to understand the situation better.
In both the cases, you will find that the count for the messages which are unread does not hew with the actual number of unread messages.

Illustration 1:

In the versions, where the design templates are based on the 6.0.3, 6.0.4, 6.5, 6.5.1 & 6.5.1 template, then the error “Lotus Notes unread mail count incorrect” is more prevailing when the users delete 350 or more messages concurrently. When the messages are deleted, one can notice that the no. Of messages that are unread will not get updated. You can make a try by deleting a single message, but the number will not get changed.

Illustration 2:

There are cases when the mail template file is based on IBM Notes 5.0x or from 6.0 to 6.0.2, the design of the template gets updated to the template file of version 6.0.3, this problem gets notified. Although, the error will not come if the template file which has the design based on 5.0x has not been accessed with any of the Lotus clients with the version 6.0.3 or later.


Notes 6.x and 7.x

If you mark all the messages in the Lotus Notes database as read then it will resolve the issue, and then the error “Lotus Notes unread mail count incorrect” will not be displayed. But this measure stands with the temporary period. You can find below the methods to mark all the messages as read in inbox.nsf database of Notes.

1. Open the Mail file of the user, Now navigate through the section view for all documents

2. Make the following selections

View | Show | Unread Only

This will only show the messages that are unread in the view

3. Now select, Edit | Unread marks | Mark All Read

This will make all the messages disappear

4. Close the database of Lotus Notes

5. After that, open Notes database & navigate to the folder of unread messages

6. Now make the selections

File | Unread Mark | Mark Selected Unread

Now, you can check the “Unread Counter” will display the correct count.

Notes 6.0.3 – 6.0.4 & Notes 6.5 – 6.5.2 Versions

If you have the database on the Domino Server then you have to update both the Server & the client versions. If in case you want to repair the username.nsf database, that displays Lotus Notes unread email count wrong, then create a new replica of that database.

If the same problem persists then you can also try around some other solutions that are discussed below.

Another Solution to Resolve this Error

1. Open the trash folder where you can find all the deleted emails, there mark any of the emails as read.

2. Set the following rule:

File | Replication | Settings | Space Servers

3. Enable the status of Remove documents which are not modified since the last XX days to zero.

Note: Get ensured not to enable or select the checkbox related to properties.

4. Now, close the Notes database & access it again


The techniques which are discussed above shows a competent way to deal with Lotus Notes unread mail count incorrect error. Working with Lotus Notes platform is very beneficial. However, the user may look for the ways to migrate Lotus Notes messages to Outlook platform. In such cases, they can give it a try to the best utility known as Mail Migration Wizard.