Get to Know All About Microsoft Azure Backup Solution on Cloud

Ugra Narayan Pandey | November 21st, 2018 | Data Backup, Security

There are several backup and recovery solutions online but, why only Microsoft Azure backup solution? The answer to this question is provided in this post with briefing of capabilities present in an Azure cloud backup solution and strategy for Azure disaster recovery.

Backup and Recovery Strategy is More Than Technology

Having a backup and recovery solution in a business is one of the essential operations for an administrator. It sounds as if it is simple but, in actual its not! In general, enterprises seek only for technology to fix their business problems. But, there’s a lot more to it than that! Majority of industries are present where backup method begins and finishes with the hardware and software used for performing backups. People rarely check for other aspects in a backup solution apart from software and hardware configuration. This means that they forget or ignore the checking of recovery solutions. Here comes the major challenge!!

When the time comes to recover the backup file it ends with a mad scramble and results in late nights with little sleep. It happens because enterprises are dedicated to testing the backup approach only, not the recovery solution. They need to realize one thing that a backup strategy is of no use until and unless an effective plan for recovery is not there. The after-effects of a sudden incidence in an organization force higher authorities to analyze their procedures and work to troubleshoot them. But, in general case, it is being found that this sort of activity gets sidetracked with trending / ongoing projects in the business. Officials delay the analyzes work by stating that “We will look into it later”.

Ignoring Recovery Strategies Will Break Your Firm

The major reason behind circulating issues associated with backup and recovery solutions is
Majority companies in today’s scenario are not having a proper backup and recovery team. Most of them even don’t have an employee responsible for backup & recovery approach.

Doesn’t it seems surprising but, its true! The power of recovering content from a data breach incidence can either rebuild your organization or break it. It seems as if you are now worried about data recovery for your business. Isn’t it? Don’t panic! We are going to recommend a lifesaver kind of solution to your problem. The name of this solution is Microsoft Azure backup on cloud!

What is Azure Backup Solution?

The solution is an Azure-based service that can be used to backup and restore data on the Microsoft cloud storage. It also ensures the security for backed up content and gives assurance of no content misplacing. One can consider MS Azure cloud backup as a replacement over local backup applications. It provides more than local solutions like reliability, security, flexibility in use, and cost-effective. Different options are offered by this cloud backup solution that can be downloaded and deployed by tenant holder on PC, server, or in the cloud itself. The component or agent who will be responsible for deploying is dependent on the data to be secured. All elements of the Azure backup solution can be utilized to make a replica of records to the Recovery services vault in Azure.

Capabilities of Azure Cloud Backup Solution

The answer to the question that ‘why Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solution is being recommended’ is briefed in this section. Here, the capabilities of Azure backup on the cloud will make you realize its importance of using it.

4 Different Backup Options: There are 4 different options to attempt a backup procedure in this solution. Each option comprises of its own set of benefits and limitations.

  • Installation of the agent on physical or virtual servers, either in cloud or on-premises
  • Consolidation with the System Center Data Protection Manager
  • Azure backup server – especially System Center DPM but, particularly availed for the services of Azure backup
  • Backup option for the Azure IaaS virtual machine instance level

Administrators also get benefited with free of cost data transferring to the backup vault. This comprises of 24*7 data encryption and application-consistent backup.

Azure Cloud Recovery Options: The recovery options of Microsoft Azure recovery solution is dependent on the chosen backup option. In majority cases, tenant admin is having an option to restore either complete instance or only desired instance portion. The amazing thing with Azure cloud backup solution is that ‘it renders an option to test recovery procedure without impact the productions’. This will help one in analyzing whether the backup and recovery strategy is of worth for their business or not. If no, simply make changes and then, again test it.

Azure Backup Solution – The Best Than Any Other One

Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solution is benefiting its customers with an approach to test the restoration procedure after the creation of a strategic plan. Till today’s date, this feature is not available in any of the backup solutions, either on cloud or local. Microsoft is providing its best to its tenant holders for designing an effective and efficient backup and recovery strategy. Now it is the responsibility of end users to use them wisely and take the best out of it. At last, we only want to recall one statement – ‘A backup strategy is nothing without an effective recovery solution. So, don’t take it forsake’.