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How to Merge Contacts From Two Or More Gmail Accounts – Tips

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2021-11-12T12:57:43+00:00|Tips | 4 Minutes Reading

Following content represents the solution of “merge Contacts from two or more Gmail accounts” and definitely give you a reliable solution. But first start with some brief intro of Gmail and its contacts.

The 21st century is like a fast driving car and technology has the steering of our life in its hand.
We all use tech on a daily basis and the best example is Google.

Google, from the start, has made our lives easier. Well known Gmail (email client) is a part of it. Everyone uses it either for personal use or professional.

Gmail is a free app and can be accessed from any device.

It saves contacts in VCF and CSV format. VCF AKA vCard stores business related as well as personal contacts information. or in other words you can view contacts in VCF files. Users can send or receive contacts in a proper format within the email app in a .vcf file (virtual business card digest).
VCF files store contacts but also carry attachments, images, etc.

Apart from this, when Gmail saves contacts in VCF files, there are some limitations which users usually face.

Manual Limitation – Merge Contacts From Two or more Gmail Accounts

With the export feature you can only download one by one contact in a VCF file. If you want contacts in bulk, use Google takeout.
This process is quite time-consuming.
If you have less data, this process will take your complete day.
So, you can’t even imagine how much time this method will take if you have huge data.

Apart from the Import Export feature of Gmail, another way is the synchronization method.
You can sync both Gmail accounts but the drawback is, it’s a tricky process.
Normal person can not understand, even if steps are in front of them they can’t perform it.

Let’s Check User’s Query –

So, if we talk about how to “merge contacts from two or more Gmail accounts”, then I assume that you also have huge data in different Gmail apps like one of our users.

“Hello, I have got two Gmail accounts from my boss and both a/c contains approx. 100’s of contact. As I’m in a work related situation where I need to merge all contacts files in one Gmail account. I tried the manual “synchronization” method but I found it quite tricky. Also both Gmail a/c have some similar contacts, which I don’t want to check personally. Suggest and help me by providing me some other solution. – Marina Steffen

Here, User itself stated that she tried to use the Synchronized method, but it’s not worth it, as she has huge data.

So, do not raise all these problems and merge contacts from two or more Gmail accounts simply with the help of “VCF Split & Merge Tool Application. Firstly export VCF or CSV files from Google Takeout (Gmail provides both option CSV and VCF) and then merge all VCF files into single with the help of application. And then, import one account to another Gmail account.

Merge Contacts From Two or more Gmail Accounts

first page of merge contacts from two or more Gmail contacts

  • Hit on Add file(s) or folder option

add files or folder

  • Press on Export option

export option

  • Tick on Merge vCard merge multiple VCF files into one >> select Additional settings

merge option

  •  And add vCard settings >> Save

advance setting option

  • Then add location after clicking on Browse >> hit on Export button.

browse and export

  • Export is in process .


Reasons behind choosing this tool

  • Tool gives a complete preview of the VCF files to sort the contacts by size, alphabetical order and date.
  • App supports all versions of vCard files 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 and Windows OS versions as well
  • It supports every email client which creates a VCF file.
  • After merging, it maintains every information of the VCF file (name, image, attachments, address, etc).
  • After the merge process, it saves the Export Report


Here, in the above write-up I have clearly explained why you can’t use a manual method to merge contacts from two or more Gmail accounts with the help user’s query. Other than this, if we talk about the VCF split and merge application, you can use a free demo version and merge up to 10 (contacts) VCF files.