Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds – Get the Best Solutions Here

Shini Mohan | January 6th, 2021 | Lotus Notes, Tips

It happens with lots of Lotus Notes users that when they try to open Lotus Notes, then they encounter a “Lotus Notes database size exceeds” issue. Well, we know that it is very frustrating for the users because they are not able to receive new emails in IBM Notes.

Now, in this situation, many users start searching for solutions. And while searching for the solution, if you are reached at this page then do touch the keyboard, because here in this article we are going to discuss all the techniques that will fix this issue. But before going toward solutions to this problem, let’s understand why users have to face this issue.

Reasons for Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Error

Here in this section, we have discussed some major reasons that are responsible for this IBM Notes Database Size Exceeds issue:

  • Duplicate Emails Messages: If you have lots of duplicate emails in IBM Notes account, then it will allocate the unnecessary space in your database and can lead to the IBM Notes database quota exceed.
  • Graphic Elements: If you are using heavy graphics features in your IBM Notes email, then they also consume a significant amount of space in the database and leads to this issue.
  • Messages in Trash Folder: When users soft delete their messages and think they have created a space in the database then you are wrong. Because the soft-deleted emails are store in Trash and it is part of the database.
  • Unnecessary Drafts: Sometimes we compose emails that are never sent or used for future reference. As a result, these unnecessary saved drafts only consume space in the database.

Free Techniques to Fix Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Issue

Now after knowing the reasons for IBM Notes Database Exceeds issue let’s move toward the techniques to fix it. And in this section, we are going to discuss the free manual method to fix it

Compact Lotus Notes Database

After deleting large files and attachments from Lotus Notes, to free up the storage space in Lotus Notes. Then this unusable free space, turn into white space, which is a major cause of IBM Notes database size exceeds issue. So, to avoid this situation, you can compact the database that removes all the white space from the database. And to do this follow the below steps:

  • First, open the mailbox of Lotus Notes
  • Now, click on the File option and then, select Database.
  • From the drop-down menu select Properties
  • Now, the Database Properties dialog box will open. Choose the second tab.
  • Click on the % button to see the current compression ratio
  • Now, click on the Compact option if the percentage ‘%’ is less than 90%.

Delete Unnecessary Emails

Deleting unnecessary emails from the Lotus Notes account is the perfect way to keep out from Lotus Notes Database size exceeds issue. So, remove all the unnecessary emails from Users from both Inbox and Sent Items to free the database.

Manage Email Attachments

If you have large email attachments saved in your Lotus Notes database then you might notice the IBM Notes database size exceeds issue. So, delete all the email attachments that are not important to you. And also save all the important attachments to a local drive

Delete Lotus Notes old Attributes

Including with emails Lotus Notes database also stores other attributes like calendar entries, To-do lists, contacts, etc. And all these attributes also occupy a large amount of space in the IBM Notes database. So remove all the old attributes from Lotus Notes.

Best Way to Resolve Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Issue

If you have tried all the above manual methods and still getting this issue, then in this situation you can try the automated method to create a backup of all your Lotus Notes database. SysTools NSF Converter gives you the option to export Lotus Notes mail to EML, MSG, and MBOX  along with contacts, and calendar date.

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The tool is capable to maintain data integrity during the whole process and also maintain the folder hierarchy. So, if you are seeking for a way to fix IBM Notes database size exceeds issue then try the demo version of this tool.


Now it is time to wrap up things, here in this blog we have discussed that prevent and solve the issue of Lotus Notes database size exceeds quota issue. But if you think the manual method is so time-consuming then you can try the automated method to fix this issue.