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Congratulation! On migrating from Windows Machine to Mac Machine. But the years of emails stored in Outlook Mailbox on Windows OS is also important. So, you can not leave all emails, contacts, calendars etc. But you can’t export Outlook mailbox to Apple Mail or any other Mac OS supported mail client. For this you need to export source file i.e. Microsoft Outlook emails into Mac OS email client supported file format.

The most of the Mac email clients like Apple Mail, Mac Apple, Entourage Mail etc. supports MBOX file format. So, before importing Windows Outlook Emails to Apple mail you need to Export Outlook Mailbox to MBOX format. Here in this post, you will find a reliable and complete solution to import Outlook mailbox to Mac Mail. Follow the below explained procedure:

Steps to Import Outlook Emails to Mac Mail Client

It is two steps process, and both are necessary to be performed. This post, will explain both the steps in detail. Continue reading:

Step 1: – Export Outlook Mailbox to MBOX File format
Step 2: – Import the Resultant MBOX File into Mac Supported Mail Clinet like Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Entourage Mail etc.

Step 1: – Export Windows Outlook Mailbox to MBOX File format

This can be done by manual method and Expert suggested software. Both the solutions has explained here. Select on which you rely more:

Manual Method: –

The manual method is also two step process. To know more visit Outlook to Apple Mail Converter:

  1. Make Outlook as default mail client from Control Panel
  2. Install Mozilla Thunderbird on same machine and configure with an ID.
  3. From Thunderbird follow Tool Menu >> Import
  4. Select Mail or Address Book and hit on Next button
  5. Here select Microsoft Outlook and click Next button
  6. Here select the folder which you want to export into MBOX format
  7. From Export Folder Window, browse location and save resultant MBOX file.

Note: – The manual method is hectic and time consuming. Also it may result in damaged SMTP headers, attached images, email body etc. So, before performing this manual trick first take backup of Outlook Mailboxes.

Expert Suggested Software: –

  1. Download the PST to MBOX Converter
  2. Install on your Computer System (Windows OS or Mac OS)
  3. Browse Windows Outlook Mailbox .pst files
  4. Select MBOX as resultant file format
  5. Save the exported files on Mac machine drive

The utility is available for Windows and Mac machine. You can download the preferred one and perform the steps.

Step 2: – Import Step 1 Resultant File into Mac OS Supported Mail Client

There are multiple email clients which support .mbox file on Mac OS. So find the import process in below section:

Import in Apple Mail | Mac Mail on Mac OS X Machine: –

In order to import Outlook mailbox to Apple Mail email client. If you exported Microsoft Outlook Mailbox into Mac mail supported .mbox format on Windows machine. Then transfer it to Mac machine. After that Perform the below steps:

  1. Open Apple Mail on your Mac OS Machine
  2. Hit on File tab and then Import Mailboxes
  3. Check the check-box corresponding to File in MBOX Format and click Continue.
  4. Select and Browse MBOX file and hit Continue
  5. Here you go! You have completed the Outlook Mailbox to Apple Mail import process.

Import in Entourage Mail on Mac OS Installed System

It is the second step to complete the process of importing Outlook mailboxes into Entourage mail on Mac machine. Perform the listed steps:

  1. Open Entourage Mail on your Mac OS System
  2. Drag and Drop Step 1 Resultant MBOX file(s) into Entourage inbox
  3. Hit on small triangle appeared on inbox folder to view newly imported emails
  4. Cheers! You have completed the process to Import Windows Outlook Mailbox into Entourage mail.

How to Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail | Mac Mail | Entourage Mail – User Query

“I have Windows Outlook emails saved in pen drive. Now I am using Apple system and Apple Mail as my default mail client. Is it possible to import emails from Windows Outlook to Apple Mail. Please suggest me quick solution.”

“Importing Outlook mailbox into Mac mail manually is not easy for me. Is there any safe and secure utility, which can export Outlook emails to Mac Mail. I am not technical person, so suggest me simple way.”

“I have recently migrated my account staff from Windows OS to Mac OS. Now looking reliable solution to import emails from Outlook to Entourage Mail. I searched on internet but did not find any way. Anyone here, who can suggest me simple way to export Outlook mailbox to entourage mail account? Thanks in advance!”


It doesn’t matter that you are using Apple Mail, Mac Mail or Entourage Mail on your Mac OS machine. You can easily import Outlook mailbox to Apple mail or others. The complete procedure explained here. Simply perform the steps and export emails from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail or Apple mail.

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