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How to Recover Damaged VHD File? Complete Method

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Published On April 5th, 2024
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When your VHD or VHDX file disk damaged or inaccessible on Windows OS or if you can not access your crucial VHD file. Then, no need to worry; in this write-up, we are going to discuss how to recover damaged VHD files with the automated solution. First of all, we will know what is VHD.

A virtual hard disk known as a VHD file. This format is created by using a virtual machine. Sometimes in the virtual environment, you get restricted to mounting the VHD or VHDX file format. It makes data inaccessible and the hyper-v attachments fail to open. There are various reasons behind this but the core of this blunder is that VHDX or VHD file is damaged and corrupted. So, now we will fix this error and repair the damaged VHD file.

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More Information About VHD Files

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk and is a format primarily used for system image backup. Provides a way to encapsulate and store data from a hard drive in a VHD file. However, VHD files are susceptible to corruption and should not be used in a virtual machine environment. Once the virtual hard disk has completed its desired function, it can also be unmounted or removed from the virtual machine.

How to Recover Damaged VHD File? User Query

“Hello Everyone, Is there anyone who knows how to recover damaged and corrupt VHD files on Windows. Yesterday when I was working on my virtual machine, all the data was in proper working condition. But this morning, when I accessed virtual machine, I saw VHD file is corrupted. I don’t know what happened With it. Now I want to recover corrupted VHD files Please, anyone can help me.”

Reasons Behind Damaged VHD File (Virtual Hard Drive)

The above-mentioned query was taken from the forum website. Most of the users do face this issue. Now we will know what’s behind the VHD file being damaged.

  • Virus Infection: VHD file corruption usually occurs due to common security threats. When a system falls victim to a cyber attack, the integrity of its files, including VHD files, may be compromised.
  • Storage Media Failure. Due to media corruption or failure, files become inaccessible and VHD files become corrupted.
  • Sudden System Shutdown. Shutting down your computer unexpectedly can have detrimental effects on its software and hardware components. Additionally, if the virtual machine is active during the event, damage or corruption of the associated VHD files may occur.
  • VM Paused State: If we do not see the first sign of a virtual machine (VM) crash or VM paused state, the VHD file will be corrupted.
  • Due to Human Error: Human error, whether intentional or not, can also cause VHD files to become corrupted. These errors may include intentional or unintentional deletion or deletion of important files, errors when modifying the system registry, forced system shutdowns, and incorrect disk management techniques.

Recover Damaged VHD File by Using PowerShell Command

Several commands to repair VHD files can be executed to recover the default hard disk after corruption problem occurs. This segment describes, in order, the commands used to scan and recover data from corrupt VHD file.

1. Command to scan a VHD image file for damaged
Command: Dism/Online/Clean-Image/CheckHealth

Description: This powerShell command allows users to scan the VHD file completely for corruption.

2. Command for checking VHD file image for corruption
Command: Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth

Description: This PowerShell command assists users in checking whether the VHD image file corrupted or not and, additionally, whether the same VHD can be repaired or not.

3. Commands for repairing VHD files and restoring data from corruption
Command: Dism/Online/Clean-Image/RestoreHealth

Description: This PowerShell command executes automatic repair of VHD file, if it finds corruption.

Retrieve Damaged or Corrupt VHD Files by Creating a Virtual Server

Another way to solve the problem with VHD files is to create a virtual server that is not only efficient but also cost-effective. Virtual servers run on the host operating system and can share software and hardware resources. Without further ado, let’s dive into the steps to implement this method:

  1. Start by creating a virtual server.
  2. Once created, connect your hard drive to it. You can add it by selecting the Settings option.
  3. After adding the hard drive, find the required VHD file for further processing.
  4. After that, click on “Virtual Disk Wizard” and select the compressed disk.
  5. Select the “Make a fixed-size virtual hard diskcheckbox.
  6. After completing all the above steps, save the VHD file to a suitable location on your computer.

So here you will learn two different methods to recover damaged and corrupt VHD files. One of the following methods may be suitable for you:. However, if none of them give the desired results, it is better to explore more options.

Recover Data from Corrupt VHD File By Using Professionally

With the help of trusted and professional VHD Recovery Software, you can recover all data files from a VHD or VHDX partition with a few simple clicks. You can launch this application on any Windows version. with this utility, it recovers healthy VHDX or VHD files without the installation of the virtual machine. You can recover corrupted VHD files without any limitations.

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This software will recover deleted files from VHDX file. After successful recovery, the device will display the permanently deleted data in red. This way, users can easily identify the deleted .vhdx file in the resulting file. After recovery, users can easily save the data.

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Quick Steps to Recover Damaged VHD Files

Freely download this utility on your PC to recover damaged and corrupt VHD files.

  • After downloading the tool, Window displays as shown in the below image. Click on the open button. Recover Damaged VHD File
  • Now hit on the browse button. Then navigate to the location where the VHD or VHDX file saved. Select the damaged VHD files and click on Scan.how to recover corrupted VHD files
  • After that, the application will list all restored folders in the Explore panel. Simply expand the folder and view restored items easily. fix corrupted vhdx file
  • There are two options to Save restored VHD or VHDX file items. Either Save complete recovered files or select files. Recover Damaged VHD File

Why Choose This Software Over Others?

Now we are going to know what features of this application make it unique. Why users choose this utility. Below, we will mention the effective features of the tool.

  1. The tool supports recovering deleted files from the VHDX partition
  2. The tool is capable enough to recover data files from formatted VHD & VHDX partition file
  3. Simply restore data from corrupted VHDX & VHD partition file
  4. Permanently deleted, formatted, or re-formatted .vhd and.vhdx partition data recovery
  5. Retrieve RAW file from formatted VHD & VHDX Partition recovery
  6. Restore dynamic and static .vhd / .vhdx of FAT (16, 32) & NTFS file systems (4, 5, 8).
  7. Supports Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Virtual PC, and Virtual Server VHD

Summing UP

In the article, we have discussed the tutorial to recover damaged VHD file on the Windows operating system. There is one procedure defined this is a recommended solution. The procedure stepped into the complete process. Try your best to comfortably recover corrupted VHD files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is it possible to restore damaged VHDX?

Ans.  Yes, the VHDX recovery tool is able to instantly restore permanently deleted partitions of VHD and VHDX files.

Q.2: Does this software support data recovery from corrupt and damaged VHDX files?

Ans. Yes, this application is capable enough to recover corrupted and damaged VHDX file data without any problems.