How Can I Copy Files from Google Drive to OneDrive: Easiest Method

Srishty | June 20th, 2020 | Cloud

I’m copying all my data from Google Drive to OneDrive account. Obviously, for that one has to copy all Google docs / sheets and other files to Microsoft Office.
I am aware of the process in which individually I can copy a file and Download it, but since I have a lot of files. This method is not feasible for me. Is there any way this can be done in batch process?
Any sort of help would be highly appreciated!

Mostly used cloud platforms these days are Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. After considering the user- query above, we have concluded that their needs can be changed with time and they might look for methods to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. Therefore, in the following section, we will enclose the best solution to copy documents from Google Drive to OneDrive in a very seam-less manner. We will also enclose the features and the working steps. Just stay tuned to get the ultimate solution.

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Notable Features of the Tool

To copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive account, use Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator. This tool is designed with some flawless features which makes it different from other available online software for transferring files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. Also, the interface of the tool is self-explanatory and easy-to-use. Even a non-technical user can use this G Drive to OneDrive migrator tool to copy files or folders.
Some of the features of the tool are noted in the section below:

Copy Entire Data: Using this advanced application, you can copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive for business. Users can effortlessly copy all data items stored in a G Drive account like photos, archive files, PDFs, .txt, .jpeg, .docx, etc. in an organized manner.

Delta Migration: After the whole conversion process is completed, through Delta migration, users can copy the newly arrived data. Additionally, this tool ensures that there will be no data duplication of neither files nor folders.

Concurrent Migration: By enabling this option, users can copy data from multiple user accounts simultaneously. Through concurrent migration, users can set several numbers of accounts that can copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive account at the same time. This feature makes the whole migration process faster and simpler.

Stop and Resume: Through Stop feature, users can stop the on-going or currently executing the process at any time. The migration process will commence later from where it was stopped. This G Drive to OneDrive migrator assures that the data integrity and security will be maintained throughout the process.

Preserves Folder Structure: Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator maintains the folder hierarchy. This means the entire folder structure will remain as it was before. As a result, the copied files can be accessed into the OneDrive account without any efforts.

Step by Step Guide of the Application

This Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator tool has a very easy and self-intuitive interface. Apart from it, this tool provides a help section in every window. This help section can be accessed anytime if the user is facing any sort of difficulties. The working steps to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive of the tool are mentioned below. Have a look and follow the steps:

Step 1: After activation of the tool, choose the platforms for which you have to perform the migration. Here, G Suite and Office 356 will be selected for Source and Destination respectively.

Source and destination

Step 2: Now, select Document from the Workload selection. Apply date filters, in case of selective Migration.

Workload selection

Step 3: On the Source screen, fill the details for G Suite as a Source. Validate the added details and click on the Next button.

g suite

Step 4: Similarly on the Destination screen, enter the details for Office 365 as the destination. Validate the details added and once done, click on Next.

office 365

Step 5: Add the users from the Source domain and Start Migration.


Concluding Statement

The above article provided detailed instructions on how to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive account in detail. With this G Drive to OneDrive Migrator tool, you can perform the migration process within just a few clicks without losing, modifying, and compromising any data formatting and quality.