Use G Suite Password Expiration Policy to Strengthen Google Apps Security

Ugra Narayan Pandey | October 26th, 2018 | Cloud Security

It is possible to achieve Google cloud platform security via two-step verification in G Suite but, with the emergence of new Cyberthreats in UK world, now its time to update the security level. Enterprises have to tighten up their security level with new measures because old basic strategies are of no worth. One such advance data protection practice is G Suite password expiration policy. It is an automated solution, which on enforcement in admin account instructs users to change their account passwords, after the specified time duration. This entire post is going aware organizations with this new Cybersecurity feature to be safe from attacks like Ransomware.

Role of G Suite Password Expiration Policy

Picture out the following scenario to realize the importance of Google Apps password expiration standard:

Suppose that you are a company owner of a medium-sized firm and Google for work online service is used in your organization. You have hired an individual who is assigned with half responsibility to deal with admin work of your business and half of a load of Google cloud platform security. Being a responsible business owner and cloud user, you take update from this hired person about the work. You determine that she is performing her duties well like continuously updating system apps, enforcing G Suite password policy, cloud DLP standards, etc. But, at the same time, a question arises that ‘are your employees also taking their one-fourth responsibility of securing their official accounts?’ Here comes the point to be noted because you as an account admin are protecting data safely but, employees are careless regarding the same. After all, employees are also working with business vital data.

Such type of scenarios call for the emergence of G Suite password expiration policy! This security compliance forces employees to change their official account password after a particular time period. If an office worker tries to violate the rule, mentioned set of actions are taken against him or her. The benefit of using this expiration policy is that it does not demand any human involvement to remember the operation of periodically changing the password. The application itself reminds or gives notification to all employees that ‘now they have changed their account password, otherwise an action will be taken against him or her’.

Get Solution to Impose G Suite Password Expiration

Unfortunately, there does not exist an inbuilt option in Google Apps to append this type of password expiration feature in G Drive account. Organizations have to go for cloud security service providers who provide this policy within their software. One such product is CloudCodes gControl Solution! The product is designed in a way that it offers all Google security standards as its features, including the Google Apps password expiration. It enables its customers to design an unbreakable security bond in virtual cloud environment. Simple steps need to be carried away to enforce this policy in G Suite account via gControl:

  1. Enter into your gControl portal and from the LHS of dashboard, click on Identity >> Password Policy
  2. Click on Add Policy button to begin with the step of configuring expiration policy
  3. Enter all the information required on the current window of gControl solution and activate the ‘Granted’ option to enforce policy just after its creation
  4. Explore the section of Organization Unit and choose a unit on which Google Apps expiration policy is to be enforced
  5. Navigate towards the Expiration field and give description of the attributes to be employed in the standard
  6. Finally, click on Save to reflect the working of policy in all user accounts

That’s All For Today

This was all about setting up G Suite password expiration policy along with its importance to enhance the Google cloud security. The standard provides an automated approach to instruct users of G Drive account for changing their account password. Well, talking about the recommended solution i.e., gControl then, this feature is primarily deactivated in the software. Customers need to enable the respective feature on their own. For assistance, a video tutorial is also available to help customers in enforcing G Suite standard using CloudCodes solution.