G Suite for Education : New Brand Name for “Google Apps For Education”

Shayadri Sharma | October 1st, 2016 | Tips

Google has announced a new brand name for Google Apps for Education, which is G Suite for Education.
In this tutorial, we will be discussing what is G Suite for Education, it’s features, the tools & services it provides, how to get GAFE training & certification and much more.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is Google’s cloud-based productivity application which is offered to educational institutions and schools for free. As it is a cloud-based application so all the data can be accessed from any device with the help of an internet connection. It is a collaboration app which includes Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs and Sites.

A school or an educational institution can register to GAFE with their registered web address and then, the teachers and students can unlock the access to GApps. The school can administer the accounts of all the teachers and students using the administrative dashboard.

Features of G Suite for Education are:

Google Apps for Education features are as follows:

    • It is completely free for schools and educational institutions, and Google provides 24*7 Support at no cost.
    • GApps for Education provides Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. which can be shared and collaborated amongst the teachers and students.
    • It is secure as users own their data as Google claims that more than 400 full-time engineers are working to protect your information.
    • GAFE provides cloud-based applications so, the students and teachers can access the apps and edit the collaborated data from anywhere and any time; Provided, they are connected to the internet.
    • It assures 99.9% uptime.


G Suite for Education Services & Tools:

Google Apps for Education Services & Tools, are as follows:

SNo. Product Details
1. Classroom Stimulates interaction between the faculty members and students. Like, working on an assignment becomes easy when you can get the feedbacks while you are still working on it.
2. Calendars Helps you to manage all the important events within your online calendar.
3. Gmail Enables communication via emails, video calling and chat. You get customized Gmail that match you school’s logo, etc.
4. Drive Store, Sync & Preview collaborative work with specific people or to the whole school.
5. Docs Write, edit and collaborate from anywhere.
6. Sheets Provides live collaboration for statistics, formula building, making graphs, etc.
7. Sites Users can create web pages without even writing a single line of code.
8. Slides Enables users to create presentations with variety of slide templates and themes.
9. Forms Create tests, surveys, quizzes, or nay analysis related data/information.
10. Hangouts Chat via text or video calls with up to 15 users.
11. Vault This is an optional app for e-discovery, archiving and information governance.
It is $10 / year for all the staff and faculty members, but free for students.

GApps For Education Training:

Google provides training for G AFE. To learn more about this training & get certified, please follow the link below:

GAFE Training

GAFE Certification:

You can become Google certified Educator Level 1 or Level 2, Trainer or Innovator as per your wish and skills.
Please follow the below link to know more about GApps For Education Certification:
GAFE Certification

G Suite For Education Support:

Google ensures that it’s support team is available 24*7 to help it’s users. Please follow the below link for Google Apps Support:
GAFE Support


Where can I get to know about GAFE certification exams?

You can visit the training centre to know more about the Google Apps For Education exams, certifications, etc. Follow the link below:

GAFE Training Centre

What is GApps For Education cost?

It is free of cost for the schools and other educational institutions.

I want to know about Education Office 365 vs GApps For Education?

Please refer the below table to know the differences:

SNo. Feature Education Office 365 G Suite For Education
1. Browser Internet Explorer or Edge Google Chrome
2. Drive Storage OneDrive Google Drive
3. Spreadsheets Excel Sheets
4. Email Exchange Online or Outlook Gmail
5. Word Processing Word DOCX
6. Instant Messaging Skype Google Talk
7. Third-party Extensions Teacher Dashboard Google Classroom
8. Notes OneNote Keep
9. Social Network Yammer Google Plus
10. Video Conferencing Skype for Business Hangouts
11. Presentation PowerPoint Slides
12. Pages SharePoint Sites


We have discussed in this blog about various aspects of GAFE like; what is G Suite for Education, its features, products & services. We have also learned about the training, certification, support & FAQs for Google Apps for Education.