Top Methods to Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

Bradley Simpson | January 18th, 2020 | Data Migration, Outlook

Is “export Outlook emails to Thunderbird” your main query these days? Are you looking for feasible methods to move emails from Outlook to Thunderbird? Stay tuned, as we are going to discuss solutions to this much sought-after query “convert PST to MBOX” in this blog.

MS Outlook and Thunderbird both are desktop-based email clients. The main difference between these two is cost. While Outlook is a subscription-based application, Thunderbird is completely free of cost. Various reasons may lead to the need for exporting Outlook emails into Thunderbird. But the big question follows immediately: “How?”

If you are searching for the best way to transfer Outlook email data into Thunderbird account, this is the right place. This blog is designed to tell the readers some reliable and proven techniques of Outlook 2016 email export in Thunderbird.

Why Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird: Top Reasons

a. Organizational Obligations

Employees need to use the email account as per the company rules. If an organization switches to Thunderbird from Outlook, its complete set of employees also starts using Thunderbird. After the migration, they also need to import Outlook emails to Thunderbird.

b. Cost Free Email Application

As we have mentioned earlier, Outlook email requires users to pay a regular subscription. On the other hand, Thunderbird is a free email client. To cut the cost, many people switch from Outlook to Thunderbird. In such cases, people need to export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird.

c. Access Outlook Emails without MS Outlook

Often, people need to open Outlook email data straight from the orphan PST file without having Outlook email client installation on computer. Thunderbird email is a possible option for them to open the emails without Outlook for free. For this reason, users need to transfer Outlook emails to Thunderbird with attachments.

Different Methods to Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

There are various ways to move email data from Outlook to Thunderbird. In this write, we will focus on only two methods that have already been proven fruitful.

A. Move Outlook Emails to Thunderbird using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a popular method to extract Gmail data in MBOX format. If you configure your Outlook account in Gmail account, you can use this service to transfer Outlook data in Thunderbird.

Remember: The configuration of Outlook account must be done with IMAP profile. Otherwise, this manual method will not work.

1. Open your Gmail account & access Google Takeout.

2. Click on Create Archive and choose the email mailbox of configured Outlook.

3. Choose Send download link via email as the delivery method.

4. After sometimes, you will get an email containing a link. Download a zip file from the link and extract it. You will have the Outlook data saved in MBOX file.

5. Open Thunderbird and install ImportExportTools add-on in it.

6. Click on Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Import MBOX file.

7. Choose the MBOX file generated by Google Takeout.

8. Thus, you can successfully export Outlook emails to Mozilla Thunderbird.

B. Export Outlook Email Data in Thunderbird supported MBOX

If you find this manual method lengthy and complex, you should try SysTools Outlook to MBOX Converter. This is a quick and easy solution compared to the manual method. This is how you can move your emails from Outlook to Thunderbird using this software:

Step 1: Download and launch Outlook to MBOX Converter.

Step 2: Click on Browse to go to the location of PST file and select the file.

Step 3: Choose the destination location for saving MBOX file.

Step 4: Select whether to Maintain Folder Hierarchy or not.

Step 5: Click on Export button to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird.

Benefits of Using Outlook to MBOX Converter

This is a Windows-based software compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS 10, 8.1, 7, etc. It can process any size of PST files without any data loss. The MBOX file created by this application is suitable for importing in any supported email clients on both Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, it allows users to retain the original folder hierarchy and export Outlook email attachments.

Some Relevant Queries about Outlook Email Export into Thunderbird

I am moving to Thunderbird email from MS Outlook 2016. Though I have all the Thunderbird contacts imported in Outlook already, I could not understand how to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird. Can anyone tell me how do I transfer emails from Outlook to Thunderbird? Hope to get an answer soon. Thanks.

I was given an orphan Outlook data file and instructed to access the Outlook email data on my Thunderbird account. All I know is this data file type is not supported by Thunderbird and I need to go through some conversion process. As I do not have clear idea about the export process, I hope that the fellow members of this forum will be able to shed some light on this matter.


People who want to switch to Thunderbird from Outlook also have to move their email data between these email applications. This blog aimed at providing some useful solutions to the users who want to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird. Now, it is up to the users which method they want to opt to move Outlook data into Mozilla Thunderbird.