Exchange 2013 Database Dismounted Content Index State Failed Error – Solved

Srishty | February 19th, 2021 | Error, Exchange 2013

All problems that can not be recovered automatically are escalated to Exchange 2013 Management Pack as a notification. Every component of it is monitored itself via three basic components known as probes, monitors, and responders. Sometimes on this server, users may encounter dismounted content index state failed error, which prevents users from begin able to run searches in Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web Access). Since Content index useful to search user quickly So, let us understand this issue deeply with its resolution.

The MS Exchange Server 2013 Management Pack offers comprehensive service health information to every Exchange organization. This service is designed for enterprises that include servers operation in Exchange 2013. The principal feature of this administration pack is, it works on user-focused monitoring. The simplified dashboard focuses on the experience of users and makes it simpler to quickly determine exactly what users are experiencing. It has the Managed Availability feature where the entire Exchange 2013 components are built-in controlled that detect the issues and attempt to restore the service availability.

User Query
How how to fix content index state failed error, without any risk of affecting my Exchange Server and network?since Working on Outlook offline using Exchange 2013, not able to search the content. While checking the database properties of Mailbox get the status of Content Index state failed.Environment

Fact: MS Exchange Server 2013
Fact: Single mailbox database is not part of a DAG


Searching mailbox via Outlook client in OWA or online mode returns “No Results and Content index state failed in Exchange 2013“. A failed content seems like down screenshot:

Here the content indexes DB01, DB02, and DB04 are in a failed state.

Executing Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus cmdlet results the ContentIndexState for mailbox database is “FailedAndSuspended” plus ContentIndexErrorMessage “Reseeding of the index is required.”
When the user restarts the Search Host Controller Services and Exchange Search then, the ContentIndexState appears “Failed” plus ContentIndexErrorMessage that “An internal error has occurred for the database or its index”. Also, sometimes Database Failover and Switchover.

Causes of Content Index state failed in Exchange Server

  1. The Content Index catalog exclusion
  2. Microsoft Exchange Search issues
  3. MS Exchange Search Host Controller issues
  4. Corrupt Content Index
  5. Hard drive errors (read/write)
  6. Rebuilding a Failed Content Index

Solution to Solve the Exchange 2013 Database Dismounted Content Index State Failed Error

For rebuilding a failed content index first, we are required to stop all the running search services on the Exchange Server, such as:

  1. MS Exchange Search Host Controller  –   C:\>stopservice HostControllerService
  2. MS Exchange Search  – C:\>stopservice MSExchangeFastSearch

Note: Rebuilding the Context Index may cause High CPU Utilization on servers and this can impact on the healthy databases. So, it is recommended to execute this task only outside of normal business hours.

  1. Go to the location of the content index for getting the database. This will be the exact folder where the database file is located in. Such as DB01 is stored in F:DB01
  2. The content index is located in a folder titled for the GUID of the database.
  3. Now, delete the folder and repeat the same steps for deleting the folder for every failed content indexes.
  4. Next, start the search service once again     :
    C:\>startservice MSExchangeFastSearch
    C:\>startservice HostControllerService
  5. The content indexes will be reconstructed and this can take some time to complete the process. The total operation execution time depends on the amount of data in the databases
  6. Yet you will find that your content indexes are again in healthy condition


In this editorial, we have discussed Exchange 2013 Database Dismounted Content Index State Failed issue. This issue occurs while searching for the results and it returns No Results and Content Index Failed State error occur. So, applying the mentioned guidelines users can rebuild and repair the Failed and Suspended database and returns the entire content in healthy condition. In case, if your Exchange database file or mailboxes is severely corrupted / damaged / unhealthy then to recover the EDB file from corruption users can go for SysTools Exchange Database Repair Tool which provides Quick & Advance scan that easily resolves Exchange mailbox corruption and extract mailbox from offline EDB file & export directly to the Live Exchange Server mailboxes, Office 365 and multiple file formats in a simplified manner.

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