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Easy and Quick Way to Import ICS to Office 365

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iCalendar or ICS file format is the universal format used by the various Calendar files. It is a plain text file that incorporates all details related calendar event such as beginning and ending times, event description, title, location etc. It is the file format that is used by the users for sending meeting invitations. However, there are some situations when a user wants to migrate from desktop-based email application like Outlook or Thunderbird to cloud application i.e. MS office 365. Moreover, in order to access the calendar events anywhere using a user need to import ICS to Office 365 account.

Therefore, most of the users are querying about the solution of how to move ICS file to cloud. Hence, in this post, we have discussed all possible solution related to same only.

How to Import ICS to Office 365 Account – Step by Step Guide

As everybody knows, migrating from desktop-based application to web-based application is always advantageous. It provides access to users anywhere they want and store data on the cloud to free up space on the local machine. In this segment of the post, both manual as well as automated solutions are discussed. A user can choose between them accordingly.

Manual Steps to Transfer ICS to Office 365

There are two ways using which users can import their ICS files. Users can either use Desktop Outlook or can directly import file to Outlook Web Access. Both solutions are mentioned in the following section.

Method 1: Export ICS File Using Desktop Outlook

To import ICS to Office 365 using desktop application, users first need to configure Outlook with Office 365 account. Once the configuration part is complete, they can execute the following steps:

1. Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export to import ICS to Office 365.

2. Select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs) >> Next button.

3. Browse to the destination location where ICS file is stored and open the file.

4. Click on Import option to transfer ICS File into O365 account.

The above steps can help users to complete the import process. Now, the synchronization of calendar events to Microsoft Office 365 account starts. This process can take a lot of time depending on the size of .ics file and speed of internet connection.

Method 2: Import ICS File Using Outlook Web Access

1. Log in to your Office 365 account and open Calendars in Outlook 365.

2. Select Import Calendar option from the left pane.

3. Click on From File Option.

4. Select Browse option and upload the .ics file that you want to import.

5. Finally, click on Import button.

Limitations Associated with Manual Process

1. While importing file via Outlook Web Access, you cannot import file which is more than 10 MB in size.
2. The process is quite lengthy and time-consuming to perform manually.
3. There is a risk of loss of essential data while performing the conversion.
4. A user needs to have some technical knowledge to perform complete procedure.

Automated Solution to Import ICS to Office 365

If any user is facing issues while migrating ICS file using the above-mentioned method, then they can use a third-party application. The utility can make the entire process quick and reliable.

The only requirement is that, the users only have to upload ICS file into Outlook PST file. After that, users can import Outlook data file to Office 365 in just few clicks.

Users can perform the following steps to transfer .ics file into Office 365 mailbox without any data loss.

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1. First of all, download and install the software
2. Now, enter the credentials of Office 365 account in which you want to import the file
3. Then, select the option of Office 365 Restore and click on Next


4. After that, select the saved PST file by clicking on Browse button


5.Now, choose the category to import and apply the filters according to your need


6. After that, select the Start and Restore button to begin the process of importing files


7. A progress report Windows is pop-up displaying the number of files are restored




The most popular search about iCalendar file nowadays is the how to transfer ICS to Office 365. Users want to have access to their calendar everywhere. So, it becomes necessary to migrate from desktop-based email application to cloud-based application i.e. Office 365. Hence, in this post, we have discussed a solution for the same. As there is no direct method available using which one can import ICS to Office 365 so, we have first Export ICS to PST file format using both manual and advance solution and then, move PST to Office 365 using Office 365 Restore.