Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive Without Any Data Loss

Nilesh Kumar | August 1st, 2020 | Data Backup

How do I download all my emails from Hotmail account to my hard drive?
Do you simply want to keep a copy of all your Hotmail data in your hard drive? Or Do you require to read the emails on an email client? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Because what we have here is THE way to download Hotmail emails to hard drive (external or internal).

In today’s arena, emails are not meant only as a simple digital message. Actually, it has become a way to do business and ensure communication continuity. In fact, people use various email applications like Hotmail, the best and oldest webmail application. According to Wikipedia, (formerly Hotmail) is being used by over 400 million users.

So, we all know, how an email is important in day-to-day life, but have you ever wondered how often we care about it? In fact, users think data on cloud do not need to be back up. But, it is not true, data on the cloud has a different significance. And, to reduce risk of data loss, backup is needed. Here, we are going to illustrate a workaround that effortlessly exports Hotmail emails to hard-drive in a matter of minutes.

Technique to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive With An Ease

Being a webmail client, there is no straightforward manual approach that directly saves all Hotmail emails to hard-disk drive. But of course, users can configure Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook application. But, for this, you first need to have a desktop-version of paid Outlook program. Instead of using various indirect way, it is good to have a reliable and simple solution in hand. For this, users can go with the automated backup tool.

Hotmail Backup Software is an automated program that exports all Hotmail emails to hard drive in multiple file formats. A few mouse clicks is all you require to backup Hotmail to hard drive. Thus, in a data loss situation, one can easily restore emails from the saved backup file. Above all, there are various features that make this tool fit to extract crucial emails from profile on local drive.

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Fantastic Features that Accelerates Backup Process

-> Available in 5+ Language

The software offers 6 different languages option is the cherry on cake. A user can choose English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Portuguese language as per requirement. By default, the English option is selected in Hotmail Backup software.

-> Easy-to-Use

The best part of tool is it completely developed by considering the users’ ease. From the welcome screen to real-time status window, all the features and options are nicely navigable. The user only needs to validate the account first and select the options and advanced functionalities. Afterward, the tool will download Hotmail emails to hard drive automatically.

-> Multiple File Formats to Export Emails

The tool not only extracts emails from the Hotmail account but is also capable to store them in different file formats. It offers to save all emails in PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and EML file types on local hard-drive. So, whenever the user needs to restore the data, then simply import the resultant backup file in supportive email clients. For example, PST and MSG file extensions are supported by the Microsoft Outlook application.

Note: Methods to Import Emails From Hotmail to Outlook

-> Export Data That You Need

To make backup process more customized and interesting, the software provides the following two amazing filters.

  • Select Folders:- Using this option, one can select the desired email folder. For this, you only need to check or uncheck the listed folder. Afterward, the utility will only download Hotmail emails to hard-drive from selected folder(s).
  • E-mail Filter:- This filter is used by those users who do not want to export all the email data on local drive. One can provide a time interval using From and To option. After that, only those emails will be going for the backup process that was sent or received between the mentioned timeline.

-> See Details of What You have Exported

On the software interface, you can clearly see the status of backup process in real time. This will give you information about which folder is currently processing under Current Folder Name. Further, the mail count and items per minute status also appear on the screen. Adding to it, the destination path is also displayed where the data items are exporting.

-> Perform Incremental Email Download Process

There is an extensive facility to perform the backup in a customized form. It is the option of Incremental backup functionality. This option helps the Hotmail users to skip the all previously downloaded data from Hotmail account and only take the emails left to take as a backup.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Step 1: Download and Install the Hotmail Backup Tool on Windows system.

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Step 2: Login with Hotmail account credentials.

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Step 3: Select format to download Hotmail emails.

select format to download hotmail emails

Step 4: Browse location to save Hotmail email file.

browse location

Step 5: Start the process.

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Download Hotmail emails to hard drive for backup purpose is the recommended option to prevent against any data loss situation. For this, many users want a trustworthy solution. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed importance of backup and how to save all Hotmail email on local drive without any trouble. So, download account emails on PC using tool at regular interval of time and secure your sensitive information.