Convert XLSX Sheets to CSV | Best Two Methods

Shini Mohan | April 5th, 2021 | How to

User Query- Hello, I am looking for a way to batch conversion of XLSX sheets to CSV. Basically, I am working on the project and for my report submission, I need all the Excel documents in CSV file format. I am using Office 2016 on a Windows machine so, if anyone knows any solution, then please suggest it to me.

Well if we talk about the XLSX file, then it is a default file format used to store Excel sheets. But sometimes users need the Commes Separated Value or CSV to store their Excel file. Now, there is a manual way available that helps users to save Excel XLSX files to CSV but the method has some limitations which we discussed in the upcoming section.

Moreover due to limitations lots of users seeking a simple and effective way to convert XLSX sheets to CSV. And here in this blog, we are going to discuss the best and effective methods to complete the whole process without loss of data integrity. But before going towards the process let’s understand why users want to change the Excel XLSX file to CSV.

Why CSV Over the XLSX?

  • Well if we talk about the reasons, then there are multiple reasons that are responsible for forcing users to convert XLSX sheets to CSV. Some of them are mentioned below;
  • First CSV is a file format that is supported by all online portal if you want to upload any data to any online portal
  • Another convenience offered by the CSV is that the data in the CSV file is edited very easily because it comes with plain text attribution

Now, we know that CSV is more user-friendly than the XLSX file. So, now let’s move toward the process of the conversion.

Methods to Convert XLSX Sheets to CSV

Here in this section, we are going to discuss two methods to convert Excel XLSX files to CSV. The methods are based on the number of file sizes.

  1. Free Method to Transfer Excel XLSX File to CSV
  2. Automated Method to Convert XLSX File to CSV

Let’s start the procedure with the free manual method

Free Way to Sava XLSX file to CSV

Well, if you are seeking a free method to save Excel files into CSV and you have fewer files to convert into the CSV, then this is the method made for you. Basically, MS Excel comes with various save as option that helps users to save the Excel files. So, here in this section, we are going to illustrate the steps of how you can transfer XLSX files to CSV using default MS Excel.

1. Firstly open the Excel file using MS Excel

2. Once the file is opened in the Excel application, then click on the File option

3. Now, from the File option choose the Save As an option

4. After that, choose the destination location to save the file

5. Now, from Save As window choose the File Name option and enter the name of the file

6. After that, select the Save as Type to open the file format list

7. Now, from the list select the CSV (Comma delimited) (*CSV)

8. At last click on the Save button to save to convert the XLSX sheets to CSV.

Limitations of the Manual Method

As we said earlier that the method comes with some limitation like it only save the single file at once. There is no option of multiple or batch conversion.

  • In the manual method, there is also a chance of losing a data integrity while conversion of the XLSX to CSV
  • The above manual method is long-winded due to single file conversion

Best and Easy Method to Convert XLSX Sheets to CSV

So the above methods come with some limitations so to overcome all the limitations here in this section, we are going to introduce an automated tool that can easily transfer multiple XLSX files to CSV file format in an easy way.

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Excel Contacts Converter tool is one the best tool that can convert XLSX files into CSV effectively without any data loss. In fact, this tool not only converts the XLSX sheets to CSV but also converts XLSX files into various file formats such as PST, VCF, CSV, TXT, PDF, and HTML. The tool is well capable to convert Excel files into all versions of VCF file formats like v 2.1, V 3.0, and v 4.0.

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Now let’s see steps to convert XLSX sheets to CSV

1. Firstly you have to download the tool from the above download link

2. Once the download is completed install the tool and open it

3. Now, click on the browse button to add the XLSX file, then click on the Next button

4. Form the next window select the CSV from the Export option

5. After that choose the Standard CSV option

6. Choose the destination location to save the resultant file

7. Now, click on the Export option to convert XLSX sheets to CSV

Wrapping Up

Well, it is time to end the blog, here we have discussed the best methods to convert XLSX sheets to CSV. Now, it is upon you to choose the techniques to complete the process. But keep one thing in your mind will choose the method, if you have lots of XLSX files to convert, then go with the automated solution.