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Block USB Port with Password and Protect Your Data

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Summary: Looking for a solution to block USB port with password, then go through this blog to explore the free method that will local your PC USB port.

We all know that the USB is the most effective way to share data with laptops and computers. But have you known that it is also one of the most vulnerable backdoors to breach your system or data? Along with that using a USB port, anyone can easily deploy the malicious programs on your system.

So protection of USB is very important, now the question arises that how to do this? Or is there any way that will help in order to block or disable the all USB pory on the system? Well if you are seeking the same question then this blog will help you in an effective manner.

Here in this blog, we have handpicked top methods that will block USB ports with passwords. So with ado let’s jump into the topic!

Why Do Users Need to Protect Their USB Port?

As we said above that it is the backdoor of our system and to save our system it is very important to block USB port with password it. Here in this section, we will discuss some points that aware users of why they need to protect their USB ports?

  • The very first reason is that anyone can easily steal your crucial data without your permission.
  • Through USB is the to deploy system monitoring application or hacking application.
  • USB is the most vulnerable point for an attacker because they have two common methods to attack USB ports the direct method and the human Curiosity Method to install a malicious program on your computer.

Well, the concussion of the above point is that securing your Universal Serial Bus or USB protects you from many cataphoric situations.

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How to Block USB Port With Password For Free

Yes, you read it right that there is a free method available using that you can easily block USB port and here in this section we are going to discuss all of them.

#Method 1: Block Universal Serial Bus (USB) Using Windows Registry Editor

Note: Windows Registry is the hierarchical database that stores all the settings and information of the Operating System. So while editing the registry be extra careful otherwise you will face some other issue with your OS.

1. First, click on the Windows button and type regedit to open the registry editor.

2. Now, you have to navigate the following path


3. Click on USBSTOR and in the list of attributes on the right panel

set reg value

4. After this choose the click on the start and change the hexadecimal value to 4 and click on OK.

Once the task is over close the registry editor and now your Universal Serial Bus is disabled. So you connect any USB device then you will get a pop of not recognize message.

Note: To enable the USB again go the same path in the registry editor and change the hexadecimal value of USBSTOR to the previous value.

#Method 2: Lock USB Port Via Device Manager

Users can also disable the USB port using the Windows Device Manager. And to do this follow the below steps:

1. To open the Device Manager click on the Start button and type Device Manager.

device manager

2. After this click on the Universal Serial Bus controller.

3. Here you will see all the listed USB ports.

4 Select USB Rool Hub (USB 3.0).


After this choose the Action option and click on the Disable device option from the list.


After this, your USB port will be disabled and not work

Note: To enable the USB to go to the same location and enable the USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)

#Method 3: Lock USB Port Using BIOS

Users can also Basic Input Output System or BIOS to disable USB ports. But remember that to use this method you have to restart your computer and have to enter in BIOS setting. Now to do this follow the below steps:

1. First, restart your system to enter the BIOS setting

2. Now, according to you, laptop and desktop manufacturers press the function button to enter into the BIOS.

Note: To help search on Google by the name of your PC manufacturer to open BIOS.

3. Once you have entered the BIOS select the Advanced option.

4. Now, select the USB Configuration and press Enter.

5. Select the Disable option and save the setting.

6. After applying the setting restart your PC.

Note: Well to enable the USB you have to again enter the BIOS setting and have to enable the setting of USB.

What are the Issues With Manual Methods

Well as we said that all the above-described methods are totally free but it has some limitations such as:

  • The steps are so technical and need technical support.
  • The manual method only disables USB ports not secure with a password.
  • Enabling the USB port is a hectic task to do because you have to repeat the steps again.

Now, the question is how to complete this task is the easy method? To know the answer keep reading the blog because you are so close to knowing the answer.

Prime Way to Block USB Port with Password

Yes, you can easily deploy a password on your USB port within a few clicks. Try the SysTools USB Blocker Software that is developed to block the USB port by passward so no one can access your USB port without your permission.

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The tool has a simple GUI so that you do not face any complications while using the tool and also no need for technical help.

Step to use this Tool

1. First Download and install the tool

2. Open the tool and enter the Password and Email Address also enter Machine UserName and Machine Password after all this click on the OK button to block USB with password.

login details

After that click on the Block button to lock USB port with password.

click block

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Data is the new cole and everyone wants to protect their data. So start with the first step of blocking the USB port of your system. Now, read the above blog to know the top four free methods to block USB port with password.