Get to Know About Best Practices to Make Chromebook Secure

Ugra Narayan Pandey | November 3rd, 2018 | Cloud Security

Chromebooks are already protective regarding their customers data stored online. The operating system encrypts entire local content like browser cache files and cookies, having a verified boot. Each and every web pages & software are executed on a sandbox, automatic system updates take place, and a simple recovery mode is attempted if something goes wrong. These statements clearly state that Google is trying its best to make Chromebook secure but are customers equally taking security a serious concern? If yes, are they known from preventive measures for the same? Undoubtedly, the answer to this question is not entirely infallible. Just because Google is handling all the things does not mean that clients need not work for security at the user level. In the next section, one is going to determine different ways to make Google Chromebook more secure.

5 Useful Measures to Strengthen Up Chromebook Security

  1. Enforce the Guest Mode – The primary purpose of this measure to make Chromebook secure is to permit other (external) users to utilize your system in absence of your Google account. It keeps the information of G Suite of products secure from the prying eyes. However, Google is having behavior of prying itself. Any sort of activity you perform on Chromebook is logged against the Google account. Google then make use of bundle of data for showcasing the relevant advertisements. The best way to limit down the use of your system by outsiders is to activate the Guest Mode in Google Chromebook. It restricts an external entity to install a new app on the respective system.
  2. Modify Default Search Engine – At least, you can replace the default search engine, if you are finding Guest Mode option inconvenient or too extreme. You can do this by navigating to the engine’s homepage on which you desire to work and perform searching for any phrase or work. This will help in making the search engine a chosen option in the web browser’s list of providers. Well, right-click on the address bar and from the displayed menu, choose Edit Search Engines option. Scroll down the current page and look for your service provider. Once you find the same, click on Make Default to update the settings.
  3. Make Changes in The DNS Service – Google Chromebook service enables its clients to attempt hard configurations on the DNS service. However, this alternative is buried away and is not at all easy to find. The idea of changing DNS service make Chromebook secure with enhancement in the connection speed, and increases the uptime. One can implement this practice by clicking on Settings >> Internet Connection. Click on the name of WiFi network and then on click one network at a time. A new window appears in which you have to click on the Network tab. Either go for Google Name Servers, Automatic Name Servers, or Custom Name Servers. Repeat this measure again and again for all the WiFi networks used by you.
  4. Activate Find My Device on Chromebooks – When you are working with newer model of Google Chromebook and has access to the Play Store, you will be able to ensure that whether ‘Find My Device’ feature is activated in your device or not. This feature proves itself extremely helpful at the time when device gets unexpectedly lost or stolen. By default, this option should be activated in the device. Still it is better to ensure the same. For this, click on Settings >> Google Play Store >> Manage Android Preferences >> Google >> Settings >> Find My Device. When you will click on menu, check that the toggle located at the upper corner is activated. You will be able to track device location remotely on the activation of this security measure.
  5. Have a Look On Data Privacy Settings – Google make Chromebook secure in its best way and offers all things that are needed for the same. But, it will never be of time wastage to periodically check security status on your own. Open the Privacy and Security Menu on your Chromebook device where you will address different features. Give time on all the displayed attributes and give more attention to your priority ones. Also, you need to make sure that ‘Safe Browsing’ is enabled that alerts you from the dangerous websites. After this, activate the feature of ‘Improve Safe Browsing’, if required.

That’s All for Today

Google Chrome OS is all about as secure as any operating system from which you are known, especially out-of-the-box. The major benefit of using this device is that from a client end, bundle of measures are not required to make Chromebook secure. It is so because most of the security features are by default enabled in this device. One of the useful things customers can do is to ensure that their Google account is protected with strong multilingual password and MFA-enabled. Rest, five different practices are recommended in this post to assist clients with creation of an unbreakable security on Google Chromebook.