Combine Multiple .vcf Files Into a Single File- Step By Step Approach

Samuel Adams | January 12th, 2021 | Technology

Do you want to combine multiple .vcf files into a single file? If so, you are in the right place. Here, in this blog, we’ve come up with the best solution to help you combine multiple VCFs into one file. Therefore, now start this process without wasting time. But before we move on, let’s talk about some important information about VCF files.

User Query

“I have stored thousands of contacts in my system. Last week, I decided to Merge multiple VCF to single VCF file for the easy usage. I have tried many manual methods but that methods lead to the data loss. So, now I am searching for an automated technique to combine multiple .vcf files into a single file. Is there any solution?”

Introduction OF VCF File

The Virtual Business Card digest or VCF is used to store the personal and business contacts. It is one of the universally accepted electronic business card used by hundreds of applications. It can be easily attached to multiple email messages and sent through the IM agent. It contains all the information including name, address, phone number, email address, images, audio clips etc. The article describes the steps to merge multiple VCF files into a single file. Before that, you need to understand more about the vCard file format.

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 Instant Solutions To Combine Multiple .vcf Files Into a Single File

If you have multiple email contacts in vCard file format or .vcf, you need to merge multiple VCF into a single VCF to handle it efficiently. Therefore, to process how to combine these several vCard data files into a single file, you can take the help of the vCard Converter Tool. To combine several VCF files into one VCF file, one can use this application. It can quickly and efficiently merge vCard files into a VCF.

Steps to Join Multiple VCF Contacts Files Into a Single File are as follows:

1: Install and Run the VCF Conversion Software


2: Choose on the “Add File” or Add Folder.

Add file or Folder 3: Select the Radio tab for merge vCard file, and Click on the “Explore” tab.

Browse VCF Contacts file

4: Select the “OK” button in the software user interface.

click on OK tab

5:  Select on the Export Tab.

Click on Export option


The perfect solution to combine multiple .vcf files into a single file is described in this blog with a step by step manner. You can merge multiple VCF to single VCF without any hurdle. Also, the utility described in this session can join the VCF contacts from different sources together to create a single VCF vCard  file without any data loss.