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How to Backup Yahoo Email Folders to Hard Drive Easily?

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Published On July 19th, 2024
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In this article, we are about to learn how to backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive comfortably. Also, know where users face issues using Yahoo service and the reason for the backup of Yahoo mail. Get an effortless solution to download Yahoo emails to your computer.

Nowadays, everything is done over the internet such as sharing documents, information, views, etc. Web-based emailing is the primary source of communication in the world. Yahoo Mail is one of the most dedicated web-based applications, which is used by many users for safe emailing. As safety is the main concern for the users, backup emails from the cloud to a local Hard Drive.

Why Do Users Need To Export Yahoo Mail Folders?

Backup of the data is important, as it helps to preserve data for future utilization. There have been some occurrences in the past, which took place, where Yahoo became inaccessible for some time. Therefore, the users should not depend only on online mail service and thus, backup Yahoo email folders to Hard Drive. Any drastic situation may occur at any time with anyone such as:

  • Sometimes, the user’s account is hacked because of this it becomes inaccessible or difficult for them to access their Yahoo account. Even if the data is removed from the account by a hacker; so, it becomes difficult to get back the deleted data.
  • Many times users are unable to use Yahoo Mail because of virus intrusion in the system.
  • The issue of the Yahoo mail service down, also known as the Yahoo mail Outage is another cause. This could even corrupt the email data on which you were working.

To avoid such conditions, users need to export Yahoo mail folders. However, the user can save a backup in a flash / hard drive, as it helps to keep it secure and safe. With a backup at the local end, you can move and access it anytime and anywhere. But many among you get stuck downloading Yahoo emails to your computer. Plus, you start searching for methods to export Yahoo mail folders from the cloud. Come let’s get to the solution that you were searching for.

How to Backup Yahoo Email Folders to Hard Drive?

There is a software namely Yahoo Backup, which makes it easy for users to back up all data to a local system in the exact form. It downloads emails along with attachments and Metadata in the same manner. It maintains the same folder structure after taking a backup of the whole data from the server. The user can easily backup all Yahoo mail folders to a hard drive through the following procedure.

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Steps to Export Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 1. “Download & launch” the tool in your system. 

download and launch software

Step 2. Login to software with preferred language using Yahoo” credentials.

login using Yahoo credentials

Note: The tool is available in six (6) various languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Portuguese. 

Step 3. Select backup “file format”: EML, MBOX, MSG, PST, PDF.

select file format

Note: These are popular file formats supported by various email clients like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Apple Mail, etc.

Step 4. “Browse” desired location in hard drive to save Yahoo email backup.

browse location to save file

Step 5. Choose from the below options accordingly (if required):

    • Delete After Download: Delete emails from the server after saving a backup copy
    • Apply Filter: Filter emails & Yahoo email folders to be downloaded.
    • Incremental backup: perform Yahoo email download in an incremental manner
choose necessary filters

Step 6. Choose among the filters accordingly

    • Select Folders: Select desired folders from your Yahoo mail to backup.
    • Email Filters: Set Date range to backup emails within the range
select folders and time interval

Step 7. Click on the Start” button, to begin the Yahoo backup procedure. 

start download process

Step 8. A pop-up for the completion of the process appears, Click “OK”. 

click on ok after download is completed

With the procedure discussed above, you would have learned how to backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive.

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Now let’s see some advantages that this application offers to the common Yahoo mail users in email backup.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail Backup Software

Freely download Yahoo emails from the cloud to the local hard drive safely and without any effort. This is the fundamental advantage of using this application. Many more such advantages are mentioned below

  • Select Email folders for Backup: Yahoo mail users can easily select the email folders to be exported to the hard drive. With this functionality, the utility has enhanced the efficiency of saving emails in offline mode. Plus, you can download only the required data from the required email folder.
  • Delete emails after Download: You can archive all or select Yahoo emails directly to the local hard drive. With this function, the application firstly downloads the emails in the system location. Afterward, delete the backed-up emails from the Yahoo cloud. An efficient and effortless way of freeing up the storage space in a Yahoo account.
  • Set Bandwidth Preference: You have functionality offered to set the bandwidth limit for smooth Yahoo email backup. Also, you can set time slots for email backup. Thus, the application will export Yahoo email folders at low internet speed as well.
  • Provision for Incremental Backup: The application provides a feature of email filtering. In this, the user can set a date range to download Yahoo emails within the range set. This option lets the user perform incremental backup setting date ranges for saving newly arrived emails and email data.


In the above discussion, we have discussed why Yahoo emails are to be downloaded. Also, we have learned how to backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive. The features of the method are also mentioned that let the user perform an efficient and safe backup. With the suggested method, you can easily export Yahoo mail folders to PST / EML/ MSG/ PDF/ MBOX file formats. It saves the user time and provides accurate results in exact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I save Yahoo mail emails to my computer? 

Ans. Simple Steps to Save Yahoo Email Folders to Computer

  1. Download and Run the Yahoo backup tool and log in with your yahoo account.
  2. Select a format to backup Yahoo mail folders.
  3. Browse the location to save Yahoo email folders on a computer.
  4. Start the backup process.

Q.2 How do I backup all my Yahoo emails?

Ans. To create a backup of all your Yahoo emails you need to take the help of a third party software like Thunderbird where you can link your email account and access all the data from there. 

Q.3 How can I export the email folders from Yahoo?

Ans. You can easily export your email folders from Yahoo by simply selecting the folders, then clicking on “File”, selecting “Open & Export” and finally clicking on “Import/Export”