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Why Failed to Open Zip File? How to Fix?

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Summary: This article explains why failed to open Zip file. It also describes how to open a corrupted Zip file and some programs that help you to open the compressed files.

One of the most commonly used formats for compressing files is the Zip format, which is represented as the .zip file extension. This is a single file containing a set of compressed files. When files are compressed to Zip format, they are much smaller in size, easier to transfer, and use less space. However, you need to unzip the file to view it. This is a problem if the Zip file you need to view is not opened.

Why Failed to Open Zip File? Get the Reasons

In this section, you will find out the main reasons why you cannot open the Zip file. The reasons why compressed or Zip files are not opened are as follows:

  • Incomplete Download: Zip files cannot open unless they are downloaded properly. Incomplete downloads are also possible when a file gets stuck due to problems such as a bad internet connection or an inconsistent network connection. All of these will cause transfer errors, affect your Zip files, and prevent you from opening them.
  • Improper Compression: File compression may stop due to unforeseen situations such as a sudden power failure or a low battery that may cause a system shutdown. This can corrupt files during the compression process. As a result, the Zip file may become corrupted and may not be opened.
  • File Corruption: This is the main reason why it is difficult to open a Zip file. Header corruption is the specific corruption that stops Zip files from opening. Zip files have a feature called a “header”, which basically keeps information such as file name, creation date, and file size. The header information is necessary to open and access the contents of the file. This suggests that the issue is that the Zip file will not open if the header is corrupted.
  • Modified File Extension: Converting the extension to another format not supported by Windows can cause significant damage to zip files. Damaged sip files may not open when you try to extract their data.
  • Virus Infection: Infection caused by a virus is always a good cause for one type of error or another type of error, and even for Zip files. An externally infected virus or malware infection in a Zip file archive will replicate and corrupt the contents of the file. So far, it is clear that if one of the Zip files is corrupted, you may have to face the challenge of not opening the Zip file.
  • Other Causes: If the Zip file is stored on an external storage device and the device is damaged by exposure to magnetic fields, dangerously high temperatures, and even mechanical shock, it will affect the material of the drive including Zip. You may bring a file there. This can corrupt the drive and prevent it from opening your Zip even after the drive is finally repaired. Another reason is that you forgot the password for the encrypted archive file. However, this only applies if you first assigned a password to the Zip file.

Multiple Programs to Open Compressed Zip File?

If the Zip file does not open, try using some available programs that are specifically designed to use Zip and Unzip archive files online. Here is some recommended software for you:

  • WinRar: WinRar is a powerful tool that breaks the chart of decompression tools. Select the best compression method to use for file archiving. It creates small compressed files that are faster than other tools. You can split the Zip file into different parts and save them to another disk.
  • PeaZip: This unzipper is a free tool that supports extracting data from more than 180 compressed file formats. You can create new compressed files in over 10 different formats, so they are not just disconnected files. PeaZip has been expanded to support the creation of self-extracting files.
  • 7-Zip: This software is very popular for extracting and archiving files in common file formats including Zip files. This tool contains reliable AES-256 encryption. 7-Zip works in conjunction with Explorer. This allows you to right-click on the archive file and easily retrieve it. However, if you cannot open your 7-zip archive file, follow this post to repair it.
  • ZipGenius: This free tool is made exclusively for Windows. ZipGenius lets you create a password for your newly created archive file. You can split one large file into several sections with smaller proportions, and transfer the files over the web, share them, or use them for storage purposes.

Instant Solution to Fix “Why Failed to Open Zip File” Error

You cannot open bad or corrupted Zip files unless they are repaired. Using Free BKF Viewer is a great way to repair and extract damaged Zip files. It is a professional tool used to repair Windows files in PowerPoint, Word, Zip, Excel. Their user-friendly interface makes Zip files easy to repair and remove.


In this blog, we solved the problems with opening Zip files with multiple programs. One can easily fix the problem “Why failed to open zip file using the automatic solution. The best quality of the BKF file Viewer opening tool is that one can fix the error without any external installation. The user can also download the free trial version before switching to a licensed edition, so download the program to open Zip files easily and effortlessly.