Resolve the Error – The File is Protected. It Cannot be Used for this Command

Isha Ratra | May 29th, 2018 | Tips

Nowadays, everyone has heard of this popular document format i.e. PDF. Basically, it is a Portable Document Format which can be easily opened and shared with everyone. These files are platform independent and can be easily opened on any Windows Operating Systems. It maintains original fonts, images, graphics as well as the exact layout of the document. But, when a user tries to insert protected PDF into another PDF, then, they found an error i.e. The File is Protected. It Cannot be Used for this Command. Let’s understand more clearly by user queries.

insert protected pdf into another pdf

Users Query 1: “A few days back when I tried to create PDF from multiple files I was encountered with an error message i.e.”This file is protected. It cannot be used for this command.” I don’t know the reason behind this error. Is there any step I am missing while performing this process. The PDF file which is to be inserted contains 100 pages with tags and bookmarks. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?”

User Query2: I have a master PDF document and I need to insert a PDF containing 5 pages into it. The main problem is when I go to add the PDF to the master document, an error message prompts. Can anyone help me to fix the error? Thanks in Advance!!” 

When User Find – The File is Protected. It Cannot be Used for this Command

Basically, the main reason behind this error is the security of PDF document. When files are restricted for document assembly protection then, users encounter this error message. Apart from document assembly, other restrictions added to PDF files are a copy, print, edit, extract, signature and comment restrictions. Therefore, in order to insert protected PDF into another PDF, it is needed to remove security.

Resolution of the Error Message

In order to fix the error The File is Protected. It Cannot be Used for this Command there are some useful steps which can be followed by the user:

1. Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro application

2. After that, open the secured PDF file

3. Navigate towards the secured padlock icon

4. After this, select the option ‘Show security setting for this document’

5. Security Method will show four different options such as:

a) No Security

b) Change Security

c) Certificate Security

d) Adobe Policy Server

6. Select “No Security” option if you wish to remove security

Once you followed the above steps all the restrictions are removed from the PDF document.


Security is a major concern among users so users protect their files by adding restrictions. But, at times it is needed to remove restrictions in PDF file because due to security users are unable to work properly with PDF file. Here, in this blog, we have seen that when a user tries top insert protected PDF into another PDF they found error message The File is Protected. It Cannot be Used for this Command. Therefore, in order to fix the error, firstly users should remove security and then perform document assembly.