Save Multiple Outlook Emails Individually

Srishty | December 20th, 2018 | Technology

“Hi, experts! I am trying to save off an archive folder of email individually in my computer. However, whenever I am attempting to drag the contents of the folder to another folder that is outside of Microsoft Outlook, the emails with the same subject line are being overwritten. I have more than 100 emails to save and a few have the same subject line. How can I save multiple Outlook emails individually with the same subject line.”

Saving email messages in the local machine is very useful from the backup point of view. It keeps crucial emails archived and later users can access the saved emails from supported applications or share them quickly. Apart from this, there may several other reasons for what users might need to save multiple Outlook emails individually in local machine, such as:

  • Archive emails to release mailbox space
  • To create the backup of Outlook emails
  • To transfer email to another account/ computer
  • To migrate email to another Exchange server

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How to save emails from Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010

For all users who prefer Microsoft Outlook as their email client on a standalone machine, below are some simple ways to save emails individually on the computer.

Method One. Save As

This is the simplest way to save Outlook emails one by one and this technique can be applied to all versions of Outlook. Below, are the instructions to save multiple Outlook emails one-on-one:

  • Launch Outlook application and open the folder from which you want to save email.
  • Now, select the email that you want to save from the message list.
  • Next, click on the File tab and choose Save As option.
  • By default, MS Outlook use the subject line as a file name and while saving a single email, it gives multiple formatting options.
  • Outlook Message Format – Unicode: This is the default file format for Outlook 2003 and later. The complete email including support multiple characters sets and impose no limitation on the number of items per folder.
  • Outlook Message Format: It includes a complete email message except all possible character sets. This is small but sufficient for most of the western languages. The output file can be accessed only by Outlook.
  • Outlook Template: This file format can be utilized by Outlook as a template while generating new messages.
  • Text Only: It is a plain text of email only. Complete email formatting, images, attachments, and extended headers will be stripped.
  • HTML: The email message can be saved as HTML and it includes sub-folder for all the embedded images as well as support files.
  • MHT Files: This format is very similar to HTML but the only difference is embedded images.

Users can also select multiple emails but, after attempting Save As, Outlook will present only option that will display as Text Only and it will save all the emails in a single file.

Method Two. Drag-and-drop

This is another simple method to save multiple Outlook emails individually in the local machine. Below are the guidelines:

  • Open Outlook application and select all the desired emails you want to export.
  • Launch Windows Explorer/ File Explorer and open the folder where you want to save those emails.
  • After this, just click and hold emails in Outlook and drag-and-drop them to Windows Explorer window.
  • As a result, you will get multiple files in the .msg file extension. This method will convert PST file to MSG instantly.


Microsoft Outlook is an eminent desktop-based application that allows sending and receiving emails over the internet. This personal information manager uses a PST (Personal Storage Table) file to store all its data items i.e., emails, contacts, calendars. However, sometimes due to personal or professional requirements, Outlook users may want to save multiple Outlook emails individually with the same subject line. Hence, in this article, we have discussed some simple techniques to do this manually. Still, if users find manual methods complex or time-taking then, PST Converter Tool is a reliable solution to export emails from Outlook PST to multiple file formats.