Learn How Can You Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2013 & 2016 Files

Corrupt PowerPoint 2013 File – Basic Reasons

There are many ways which lead to corruption. So, it’s important to know the cause of the corruption first. PPTX files can also face corruption issues at any time without any warning. Since PowerPoint presentations contain numerous objects, it is a difficult task to fix these corruption issues.

Considering this situation, this post will describe the ultimate method to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2013 file. Continue to know how to make your PPTX 2013 file completely corruption free using one easy method and to repair PowerPoint file. Before learning the trustworthy way to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2016 file, let us know what causes your PPTX 2013 files to get corrupt.

  1. If PPTX files become infected by virus or malware
  2. If the PowerPoint 2013 files are located in damaged hard disk drive
  3. If MS PowerPoint version does not support the file you are trying to open
  4. If PPTX files are not downloaded properly/ completely
  5. If PowerPoint is suddenly closed when the presentation is being edited
  6. Also, different embedded items of PPTX file can corrupt it

If your PPTX files are damaged or broken, chances are that one or more of these situations have occurred. It’s impossible to fix the PPTX file if high-level of corruption occurs. There are many manual methods available over the web, but they are not completely reliable and assured to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2013 file. So, it’s better to take a professional solution.

As we know, PowerPoint files are the popular mode of delivering the presentation. If any minor-level of corruption occurs, users will require a quick solution to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2016 file. As PPTX files enable users to deliver multimedia presentations that include numerous object apart from the text. Due to many attractive features, PPTX file has become the top choice among students, business executives, sales managers, and everyone else who need to do presentations.

How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2013 File ?

There are several methods that make your PowerPoint 2013 files completely corruption free. These techniques include both manual and automated methods. The problem with manual methods is that they are many in number and you do not know which one will work in your case. Because of this uncertainty, most of the users prefer to use the ultimate solution that can surely fix the problems and make your PPTX file healthy again.

PowerPoint Recovery Software is considered as the trusted solution to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2016 file. The application is capable of removing all the corruption from the presentation file and make the file accessible without any error message. In case you are wondering how to use this tool, here is the full instruction for you.

1. Download and start the software on your Windows system.

2. Click on Add button on the home screen.

3. Choose Add File(s) radio button for adding PPTX files from the known location.

  • Choose Add File(s) to add one or more presentations.
  • Choose Add Folder to add an entire folder with PPTX files.

4. Select the radio button beside Search File(s) for PPTX files situated in unknown location.

  • Select any one drive or all the drives where you want to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2013 file.
  • You can also enable “Search in subfolders” option.

5. When all the files are added, click on Repair button.

6. Select any file to see the preview in their original format.

7. Click on Save button to save the healthy files.

This utility has many features which will help you to repair PPTX files easily and will provide you complete data recovery. With the help of simple steps, users can repair corrupt PowerPoint 2016 file easily and quickly.

Final Words

The post described how users can repair corrupt PowerPoint 2013 file using the most trusted solution. As the manual techniques do not guarantee healthy PPTX 2013 files out of the damaged presentations, it is better to opt for the sure-shot solution, which is PowerPoint Recovery Software. The tool will work on all versions of PPTX files (2007 and above versions) and fix all PPTX file corruptions.