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How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database Files? – Solved

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Published On February 23rd, 2024
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This article explains how to repair corrupt access database files and make accessible. Experts have verified that all of the steps are safe to use. Simply follow the steps below to repair Access database file yourself.

MS Access Database is a less venerable and secure database. Microsoft guarantees complete data security and integrity. However, cyber-attacks are common these days, and they can result in access database corruption. In this case, the user must take specific steps to repair corrupt Access database and make it accessible.

MS Access

Why MS Access Database Files Get Corrupted

Various reasons may corrupt the Access database file which deliberately makes the user annoyed or angry and to overcome such a situation user try all possible attempts to repair corrupt access database.

  • Recurrent data edits in the Memo fields tend to increase corruption chances due to problems with the VBA module surely posing a risk of database design damage. It can result in MS access database corruption.
  • Interrupted data changes due to network service failure can lead to Access database corruption marking the database file to be corrupt.
  • Viruses infect the Access MDB database file, and when the file is used after the database is opened, this virus infection spreads to the Access database file and thus corrupts the .mdb/.accdb file.
  • Another corruption reason can be hardware failure for example loss of packets on the network cards as well as bad sectors on the hard disk drive can lead to the corruption of the Access database.
  • Wrongly designed/installed 3rd-party MS Access plug-ins can also lead to the corruption of the database.
  • More than one user of the same Microsoft Access file having separate Jet-service-packs as well as updates that are installed, with only some differences in the Access database’s MDB file along with the file-lock mechanism can lead to the corruption of the Access MDB database file.
  • Access as well as Jet software’s bugs can also sometimes lead to this ms access database corruption menace.
  • Though it is a rare instance, sometimes anomalous system shutdowns while the database is still running with some activity still being performed can also cause corruption.

All of the scenarios listed above can lead to Microsoft Access database corruption. The section that follows explains how to repair access database without opening it.

Methods to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database File

Usually, when an Access corruption problem occurs, the best resolution is to send the database to some repairing firm or call over the experts. But, sometimes, when the corruption issue is minor one, then you can repair the corrupted MS Access database file by yourself. For this, you have to perform some steps carefully. Three different methods are explained here to repair corrupt access database file.

  1. Restore Database from Latest Backup
  2. Use MS Access Compact and Repair Option
  3. Third-Party Tool to Repair Access Database File

All these three methods are explained in below section step by step. You need to just follow the instructions as explained.

Method 1: Restore Healthy Database from Backup

If you have the latest healthy backup then it becomes quite easy to repair corrupt Access database files.  Firstly try to restore Access files from the backup available. Before trying to repair corrupt access MDB file by restoring from a recent backup, the user must work on the below-mentioned steps:

  • Delete .ldb file, which Jet-database-engine auto-creates when the database opens
  • Make use of Jet-Compact-Utility designed especially for rectifying small Access corruption issues
  • You have to remove all of the compiled VBA code from Access corrupt database
  • Changing the path for MsAccess.exe

Method 2: Use In-Built Compact & Repair Feature of MS Access

If no recent backup is available one should try the Compact & Repair utility to repair corrupt Access database files. The following steps involved repairing access database files using the Compact & Repair inbuilt command:

  • Open Access (do not open database file)
  • Go to Database Tools
  • Then go to Compact and Repair Database
  • Here, locate the corrupt Access database file
  • Then, click Ok
  • After that, the file that you have selected for the database is rectified to complete the procedure

After trying this, if the corruption continues import the corrupted database into the newly created MS Access 2010 version’s database file. With the steps below to fix a corrupted Microsoft Access database:

  • Open MS Access
  • Create a new file for the Microsoft Access database
  • Under the tab for “External Data,” click Access for importing the MS Access file
  • In the next window which will pop up, you have to click Browse
  • Now, locate the Access database file and add
  • The next process involves specifying the place as well as the technique for storing data in the new Access database
  • Then, click Ok
  • Select all of the database items and access them
  • Finally, click Ok

Method 3: Repair Access Database without Opening It

If the corruption problem persists after attempting the aforementioned methods, a high-quality Microsoft Access Database repair tool is recommended. One can also avail of MS Access file repair services from verified vendors.

Access Database Recovery Tool for Microsoft Access database. It is compatible with the old MDB file and latest ACCDB file. You can use the same tool to repair corrupted MDB and ACCDB file without any limitation.

Steps to Repair Corrupt Access Database Files

To fix access database corruption effectively with the Microsoft Access file repair tool without harming the data within the MDB and ACCDB database files follow these steps:

Step-1: Download and Install the software in your Windows system to repair Access database file.

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Step-2: Browse the corrupt Access .mdb/.accdb file in the software using the Browse button.

repair access database

Step-3: Now Click on the Recover button to repair corrupt MS Access database file.

mdb recovery

Step-4: After clicking on the Recover button, Access File Repair Tool will start the recovery process. While repairing MS Access file, one can Analyze the live running progress report.

mdb recovery

Step-5: After completing the repair process the software will list all the tables in software panel. Here you can preview the data of the corrupted database. Now, Click on the Export button to export the repaired Access database.

repair access database

Step-6: Access file repair tool will show the number of records after clicking on the Export/Save button. Now you have a healthy access database file that you can easily access.

restore mdb & accdb files

Concluding Words

No wonder the MS Access database is very stout, but still not completely free from corruption damage, and when it happens. One can repair Access database files either by employing free manual methods or can also go for the recommended MS Access repair tool. Moreover, use the preferred solution to repair highly corrupted access database files.