Get Various Techniques to Recover Exchange OST File into PST Format

Ugra Narayan Pandey | December 12th, 2019 | Data Recovery

Real-time IT infrastructure is the outcome of an advanced email structure. Microsoft Outlook and Exchange are the accurate examples of a complete solution of emails where enterprises can dynamically fetch collaborative services. When we discuss Outlook email items then, OST and PST files are a primary concern for email users as these files store all the data items of Outlook. However, both the file formats greatly vary from each other, both in structure and working as well. Since their structures vary, direct conversion of OST file data into PST or vice-versa is not possible. This situation becomes worse in the case when a concerned OST file is in a damaged state. So, let’s continue to unlock the techniques to recover Exchange OST file into PST format.

In the following section, we will discuss the method by which users can recover Exchange OST file into PST format when OST has been corrupted due to certain issues that are described.

Inaccessibility of OST Files

The encryption key puts a restriction on the OST file by making them inaccessible in any other machine. Therefore, in case the profile to which the OST file belongs is deleted somehow, the OST file cannot be accessed by the user, making the file orphan.

Another dominant reason, which corrupts OST files and in turn leaves it inaccessible in Outlook is a synchronization issue. Since the OST file is associated with Exchange Server, every time some changes are made in it while offline, they are reflected in Exchange Server when the connection is resumed. Any interruption or issue in this synchronization process turns the OST file into a corrupt state.

In addition to this, other factors such as virus intrusion, size-related issues, etc. also play a significant role in inaccessibility of OST files.

How to Recover Exchange OST File into PST Format?

There is an effective way to recover Exchange OST file into PST, i.e. third party utility. Out of which, one such application is OST Recovery that recovers all the data items from inaccessible OST files and stores the data in a healthy PST file format. It retrieves the complete data by maintaining its integrity. Outlook installation is not required by the software to perform the procedure. Once the data is recovered and restored, the application generates a report for future usage.

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Apart from this, there are some workarounds that help to recover the inaccessible data from OST file and convert it to PST file format as mentioned below.

  • Archive OST File in PST
    This method is beneficial in case users want to convert all OST mail data items such as emails, calendars, etc. to a PST file. AutoArchive provides an option for choosing the number of days after which they want it to archive the data. To archive OST Files follow these steps:

      1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system
      2. Choose Tools to option from the Menu bar
      3. Choose Options >> Choose Another Tab in the options dialog box
      4. Now, select an AutoArchive option and click OK
      5. After that select of No. of Days from Run AutoArchive option
      6. Select the required location to Save the AutoArchive file and click OK.

    NOTE: This feature will not archive contacts from OST files.

  • Backup Data from OST to PST
    Before beginning the procedure of recovery, Outlook must be running on the machine. While performing recovery of the data, users should be connected to Exchange Server. If there is improper connectivity with the Exchange server then, they are unable to access the offline profile. There are some steps discussed below that helps to recover Exchange OST file into PST file format.

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook
    2. Click on File >> Import and Export option
    3. Choose an option Export to File >> Next
    4. Select PST >> Next
    5. Choose the Data One by One that is required for conversion
    6. Store all the data at one Location >> Finish.
  • Drag and Drop
    Users can recover the mailbox data items & they can easily move OST to PST file format. For this, firstly create a new PST file in Microsoft Outlook. After that, drag all the folders from the OST file, which are needed to convert one by one in the newly created PST file.
    NOTE: By using this method, the user will not be able to move the default OST file folders such as contacts, calendars, inbox, etc.


Though OST and PST files belong from the same parent application, they greatly vary from each other and due to various issues OST files become inaccessible. Therefore, in the above discussion, some methods are discussed that helps to recover Exchange OST file into PST file format. According to experts, one should use the third party utility as it saves the user’s effort as well as time.