Recover Deleted Google Apps Emails / Contacts of Single or Multiple Users

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | February 8th, 2018 | Data Recovery

G Suite is a Google-owned platform that provides various cloud services. Enterprises worldwide rely on G Suite for file storage and cloud-based services. Files stored in Google Suite is important to its users. That is why users sometimes need to recover deleted Google Apps emails. It can be some important emails from inbox or some files from Google Drive. Users face a lot of trouble if they do not know the method of retrieving deleted Google files. To help such users, we will describe how to restore deleted data from G Suite / Google Apps account manually. We will also inform users about a reliable method to backup and restore Google Suite data files.

Recover Deleted Google Apps Emails

If the users want to retrieve deleted G Suite files including emails, they have to do it within 25 days. It is the official recovery period of all deleted G Suite files. After that time, Google permanently destroys deleted files. During the recovery period, Google offers G Suite users these facilities to recover deleted Google Apps emails, contacts, etc.

  • Date Range Search Feature: G Suite has data range search option for deleted data. This allows users to locate deleted files based on the deletion date.
  • Restore a Whole Team Drive: Sometimes multiple people use a drive to store team data. Users can recover a whole Team Drive if it gets deleted.
  • Retrieve Data to Team Drive: If data gets deleted from G Suite Team Drive, it can be recovered. Restored data get back to Team Drive again.
  • Simultaneous Data Restore: Users can recover deleted data of multiple users at one time. Google supports maximum 10 user account data retrieval at a time.

G Suite users can restore their files by signing into administration console of Google. Follow these techniques to restore permanently deleted emails/contacts from Google Apps / G Suite of one or multiple users.

Restoration for Single User

Follow this method to recover deleted data from single Google user account.

  1. Start by locating the user whose data to be restored from User panel. Click on their name.
  2. User’s account page will open. Click on more icon. Select Restore Data option from there.
  3. Confirm the date range of deleted files you want to recover. The maximum date limit is 25 days.
  4. Choose which type of deleted data you need to restore: Gmail or Drive. Selection of this field is mandatory.
  5. Finally, click Restore Data.

After the restoration is done, verify by checking the inbox of Drive of that user.

Restoration for Multiple Users

Use this technique to retrieve deleted G Suite / Google Apps emails, contacts of multiple users.

  1. Log in and navigate to User Panel.
  2. Check the boxes beside the names of users whose data have to be restored. Remember, you can select up to 10 users at the same time.
  3. Go to the toolbar and click More icon >> select Restore Data option.
  4. From Restore Data wizard, select the date range of data restoration. Only deleted data in last 25 days can be retrieved.
  5. Choose whether you want to restore data that was deleted from Drive or Gmail. If not chosen an option, an error message will pop up.
  6. Now click Restore Data.
  7. Check if your data has been recovered successfully or not.

Reliable Method to Backup and Restore G Suite Data

If deleted files go unnoticed for more than 25 days, recovery of deleted G Suite files becomes impossible. No professional organization wants to take such risk involving their valuable data. Every responsible person should backup G Suite files to secure their data. Data archive can save you from a complex process of deleted G Suite file recovery. In case of accidental data deletion, users can directly restore a backup of Google Suite emails, contacts, etc. which was taken earlier. Third-party tools like G Suite Backup can save G Suite file backup efficiently.


Users can implement a manual method to recover deleted Google Apps emails and other data within 25 days. Step by step guide of manual method is given in this write-up. They should remember that deleted files cannot be recovered after this time. That is the reason G Suite file backup is important for all Google cloud service users. Backup of G Suite emails, contacts and other data ensures security in any situation. Users should archive Google Suite files for the purpose of data protection.