Email Client War: Outlook VS Google Apps

Shayadri Sharma | July 9th, 2018 | Tips

Outlook & Google Apps are the most competing products provided by Microsoft and Google respectively. However, both are providing the best email services and choosing between them is not a piece of cake. The users should be aware of all the aspects of Outlook Vs Google Apps before selecting an email application. Therefore, in this comparison guide, we are going to discuss the in-depth comparison of Outlook and G Suite. Before that, first, start with an overview of both clients, especially for those users who are new to email services.

Quick Glance on MS Outlook and Google Apps

Outlook Email Application:

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular desktop-based email clients. It is the full-featured email and calendar app that is optimized for PCs and laptops. In short, If the users are dealing with large emails and wish to have advanced capabilities, such as scheduling and task management, then Outlook is the best choice. Moreover, Outlook desktop program provides support for Windows and Mac operating system. MS Outlook is available for purchase as a part of Office 2013 & Office 2016.

Google Apps / G Suite

G Suite(or formerly known as Google Apps) is a web-based service that provides productivity and collaboration tools to the users. Google Apps offers a number of programs like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, and much more. The G Suite is divided into three categories: Basic, Enterprise, or Business. All these plans needed monthly or yearly subscription. Moreover, 14 day trial period of G Suite is available that can be easily downloaded from the official website.

Now, after understanding the overview of both email clients. Let’s go for the comparison between Outlook and G Suite.

Outlook Vs Google Apps Email: Who is the Best?

In this section, we are taking some important features that must be the unit of the best email application. Let’s get started!


Gmail interface is somewhat like a hidden format. Once you open the updated Google mail, users will find out the Inbox mail in the detailed pane. Most of the options are available at the sidebars. You need to move the cursor on the side panel to get the detailed view. The left-hand side panel comprises folders like Inbox, Starred, Snoozed, Sent, Drafts and more. Right-side bar comprises features like Google Calendar, Keep, Task, to manage the business or personal work. In short, the Gmail has consolidated interface.

Outlook has a quite simple user interface as compared to Gmail. Users will find out the combination of blue, black and white on the screen. All of the important features and tools are available on top ribbon of Outlook. However, while comparing Outlook Vs Google Apps, Google Apps email allows more customization filters than MS Outlook.

Platform Dependency

Google Apps is a web-based business suite that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Users do not require any special operating system to operate the G Suite. It only needs a browser and an internet connection and then used from any device. On the other hand, while checking between Outlook and G Suite, MS Outlook is a platform dependent client, users do not operate the Outlook data from another system. The users can only access the Outlook data from the same system where it is installed. However, Outlook cannot run on Linux, whereas Gmail can be opened.

Offline Work Environment

Microsoft Outlook provides the facility to work even in the absence of internet connection. One can only need to enable the offline access mode after that user can perform actions without the network connection. Whenever the connection is established, all of the work gets auto-configured with the server.

On the other hand, Google also added the Offline mode feature in Google Apps mail. It allows users to find, view, delete and reply to an email without an internet connection. As soon as the Gmail established the connection with internet, all the modification gets updated with online Gmail account. Additionally, it provides extra security features like: Keep offline date on my computer or Remove offline data from my computer. Also, it asks the user to update changes in Online Gmail that has to be done in the Offline mode or not.


Most Organization would prefer to purchase customized email domains for example The personalized domain name is not provided by free services. To get the customized email address, organizations need to use premium accounts. The Outlook desktop email program is a one time purchased software. However, if the user needs to migrate to a new version of Outlook such as MS Outlook 2013 to 2016. Then the users need to buy a new Microsoft Office service to use the updated version.

In comparing Outlook Vs Google Apps, Google Apps users need to take a monthly or yearly subscription. Below, we compare the different plans of G Suite account.


Outlook stores the email, calendar, contact, and reminders in the form of a personal storage table (PST) file. This database file is saved locally on the system. The PST has some storage limits that differ according to the Outlook versions. Once the PST file reaches its maximum limit, Outlook starts to freeze or terminate abruptly. While in Gmail, there is no such problem, because of all of the user data stored on the cloud. It does not affect the functionality of the Google Apps account.

Who Wins the Battle Between Outlook and Google Apps?

Through this post, we have seen Outlook Vs Google Apps and now we can say that the Google Apps is more flexible than desktop-based Outlook application. Additionally, the data security provided by G Suite is better than MS Outlook. The reason is Outlook store the data on a local system that can be corrupted due to a small hardware failure. However, G Suite cloud data is more secure because it is not stored on the local hard-drive.

If the users are planning to import PST file into Google Apps, then they can use SysTools Outlook to G Suite Migrator software. This tool is capable to import Outlook database PST file into Google Apps account. Moreover, the software is blended with amazing features that make the complete process so fragile.

Observational Verdict

In this blog, we have provided the comparison between Outlook Vs Google Apps. This guide will definitely save time and effort of users to get enough knowledge about leading collaboration programs. Now, users can choose any email service between Outlook and G Suite, according to their requirements.