15 Facts of SysTools OST to PST Converter Software

Anuraag | October 1st, 2020 | Software Review, Tips

In this article, you will learn 15 important facts about SysTools OST to PST Converter software. But before we do that, we have to learn why is it that we should convert OST files to PST in the first place.

In brief, it is done to avoid any unexpected data loss which might occur due to deletion or corruption in the Outlook mailbox. If you have a copy of your important data in PST file format, which is stored locally, then your data becomes safe from such accidental deletions and corruptions.

15 Facts of OST to PST Converter Software

Download Free OST to PST Converter and verify all facts stated in this post.

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Fact 1: – Convert OST Files with All Attributes:

A professional OST to PST Converter Software should be able to convert OST files with all important attributes like emails, journals, calendars, contacts, into PST format.

Fact 2: – Allows Batch Conversion of OST File

The topmost feature when you are looking to buy OST to PST converter software is whether it gives an ability to convert multiple OST files to PST format in a single iteration.

Fact 3: – Provides Multiple Views Before Conversion

A good OST to PST converter tool will give its user the ability to have a preview of the files before converting them. There are many different views like the Normal mail view, Hex view, Properties view, etc.

Fact 4: – Automatically Ignores System Folders

An enterprise OST to PST Converter tool will have a feature like this. It automatically ignores any system generated folders such that they don’t end up being changed to PST folders.

Fact 5: – Should Maintain Folder Hierarchy

A lot of times, due to different reasons, you might want to keep the folder hierarchy, i.e., the folder structure as it is. Professional software will provide you an ability to maintain the hierarchy of folders if you want to.

Fact 6: – Data Filter Option to Convert Selected Mails

A quality OST to PST converter software will provide you the filter option or sort your data on the basis of its date. You can check the OST file before, after, or in between particular dates and convert them into PST formats.

Fact 7: – PST Split option to Create Required Size File

This is a feature that will allow your OST to PST converter to split the resulting PST into smaller parts that will save you space time and space during the conversion process.

Fact 8: – Advance Scanning Option for Severely Corrupted OST

Another feature of a quality OST to PST converter tool is the advanced scan option. Advance Scan option is employed in the case of heavily corrupted OST files; this is something that cannot be handled by a quick scan option.

Fact 9: – Preserve Metadata Properties After Conversion

It is able to convert OST files into PST format as well as also store the original metadata as it is. This metadata includes information such as date, sender, subject, size, etc.

Fact 10: – Option to Select Particular Files/Folder
A reliable software provides you with the option to selectively convert any files that you want to convert. It provides you the interface to select from folders like inbox, contacts, calendars, Notes, Tasks, etc.

Fact 11: – Full Refund within 30 Days*

A professional OST to PST converter tools comes with a 30-day full refund policy. If the software is not able to provide the solution that you wanted, and you are not satisfied with this tool, you can claim for your refund without any hassles.

Fact 12: – Free Software Updates To 1 Year

You will get free updates till the upcoming one year after your purchase of OST to PST converter. If a software does not provide you with free updates; do not but it.

Fact 13: – Buy Digitally Signed Software

A professional OST to PST converter comes with a certified digital signature which makes it a trusted software product. It indicates that this software will not be a carrier of malware, spyware, or viruses. So buy OST to PST Converter wizard and avail activated version.

Fact 14: – Software Auto Detects OST Files

A professional OST to PST converter provided by SysTools comes with an option to AutoDetect any OST files which may be scattered in your systems here and there. This feature enables the software to locate files from anywhere in the drive.

Fact 15: – Convert Orphaned & Inaccessible OST to PST

A feature offered in a professional OST to PST conversion software is the ability to convert orphaned OST files. And moreover, it will also allow converting Large OST files in an efficient manner.

Steps to Use This OST to PST Converter Tool

It is quite easy to convert OST to PST format. But for this, you need have to download a free demo version. Check all 15 facts, stated in this post. Simply follow the 4 steps listed below:

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Step 1: – Download OST to PST Converter Software and Install on your Windows OS.

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Step 2: – Launch Software and click on Add File to browse OST file/folder.

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Step 3: – Preview complete data into 7 different preview mode (Normal Mail View, Hex, RTF, Attachments, etc.)

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Step 4: – Now Select the PST radio button and browse the location to save the exported file. It is the final step to convert OST to PST format.

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Final Words

The above-mentioned features are crucial to look for when you are looking to buy OST to PST Converter. These and many more such features are taken care of SysTools OST to PST Converter.

So if you are looking for the best OST to PST conversion software, the SysTools converter is worth a try. It also comes with a free demo version which you can try before making a final purchase. I hope this article helped you decide the best converter tool for your need.