MS Access VBA Project Password Recovery – Ways to Open Locked MDB File

Shayadri Sharma | April 15th, 2021 | Data Recovery, How to

Know How to Recover MDB VBA Password

MS Access is a platform for creating database files in a VBA project. It stores useful information in tabular form with each table storing data belonging to the Visual Basic project. It can happen that a user is locked out of their project because of an old password. They want to bypass VBA Project password. This is a protection layer given to encrypt the master database (.mdb) file in a project. Often the user fails to remember such password or the file gets corrupted and start showing errors. This prevents access to VBA project files in MS Access. Users look for solutions online to remove the protection layer. This post describes all the necessary and best methods best for MS Access VBA Password Recovery. Read the complete segment and find out the best way to perform to remove MDB VBA Password in a hassle-free way.


Steps to Unlock MS Access VBA Password

Following are some of the steps and procedure to remove encryption from a master database file of a VBA project in MS Access:

Solution 1: Remove MDB VBA Password and Unlock the Password File

Follow the steps given below to recover .mdb VBA password:

  1. First, open the access database file using the correct password for the database file.
  2. Then, go to File >> Open >> Decrypt Database.
  3. When asked about exclusive use, just click OK.
  4. Then, select the Access database (ACCDB) file that needs to be decrypted.
  5. From the Open drop-down list, select Open Exclusive.
  6. Now, this will bypass MS access database password.
  7. Again, go to File >> Decrypt Database.
  8. From the Unset Database Password dialogue box, enter the password and click OK.

This will remove any passwords from MS Access database.

Solution 2: Opening Password Protected Database with VB Code

This method to remove MDB VBA Password uses ActiveX Data Objects(ADO.Net) code for MS Access VBA Project Password Recovery. It opens a database file through a Connection string that bypasses Jet OLEDB: Database Password property of the VB project. It works with MS Access 2003 and 2007.

Repeat the steps below to write the implement the code without data loss.

  1. First, create a new Access database and open it.
  2. Then, press Alt+F11 to open Visual Basic for Application(VBA).
  3. Next, go to Insert >> Module.
  4. After that, enter the following code: Function OpenPwdProtectedDB(DBPath As String, _ Pwd As String)Dim CN As ADODB.ConnectionSet CN = New ADODB.Connection

    ‘ Remove MS Access VBA Password

    ‘ Open database for shared (by default), read/write access, and

    ‘ specify database password.

    With CN

    .Provider = “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0”

    .Properties(“Jet OLEDB:Database Password”) = Pwd

    .Mode = adModeReadWrite

    .Open DBPath

    End With

    ‘ Code to work with database goes here.


    Set CN = Nothing

    End Function

Limitations of Manual Process

  • Technical Expertise Required: To to remove MDB VBA Password, some technical knowledge of using VBA codes is required.
  • Limited Outreach: The manual technique can only open a database but can not set or change an existing password.

Solution 3: An Automated Expert Solution for MS Access VBA Project Password Recovery

The manual solutions to remove MDB VBA Password are a bit lengthy and tricky, so one must work with administrators and programmers. It is not an ideal approach for managers and other employees in an organization. For their convenience, they could use an automated solution like the VBA Password Remover. It is one of the best VBA Password Recovery solution to recover password for Access file. It can even work with a password in multiple different languages.

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Here are some of the other features of the password removal tool:

  • Creates a New Password after removing the old password from Access database.
  • Unlock MS Access database password from a single VBA project at a time.
  • Works with Microsoft Access MDB file from Office 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.
  • Recover password of any length on any type of VBA file.


The manual solutions to remove MDB VBA Password can be too confusing for a home based user. There many users who want easy workarounds for MS Access VBA Project password recovery. So, they look for automated/third-party software that offers better alternatives and reliable methods to remove MS Access VB password. The professional tools make the database access much easier and simpler. There are some tools that unlock/crack VBA password very effectively. One such effective solution has already been described in the above section of the blog. It is highly recommended that one reads about all the options available and then decide on the best approach.