Microsoft Office 365 Security Breach: Take Preventive Measures in Advance

Shini Mohan | February 9th, 2018 | Data Backup

The part of any organizational survival is to create policies that preserve vital information without any hacks. It is fundamental that these strategies adhere to compliance and company’s budget. It is often reported that Microsoft cloud server does not provide the best protection. Office 365 security breach is quite common in any organization. They often face malicious groups trying to access crucial and confidential data. They can either leak it on the internet and misuse it for personal gain. Common measures can be undertaken to prevent Office 365 Data Breach. These are easy steps which can be performed at the end-user and administrator level to archive Office 365 mailboxes. Continue reading to find out more.

Overview Of Microsoft Office 365 Security Breach

The new world of technology has a great set of problems that arise every day. Embracing new ones can be even more difficult as multiple bugs and issues that occur daily. It is due to lack of the proper infrastructure or prominent features provided by Microsoft servers. It is the great disadvantage of the new O365 cloud service. A lot is not known about it and any situation is unfamiliar territory for any administrator or support staff. Lots of new complaints are logged which affect the overall working of an organization. Most of them are simple queries that are reported repeatedly over and over again by different users. There are effective means of solving these without much time and effort. It is by instructing staff on these tricks and simple measure.

Types of Office 365 Data Breach

There are major two types of security anomalies that a user can find on their network. One is the hard breach for which embedded security system is placed by O365 servers. It is a method to use means to crack open a system security to hack and steal important data. It compromises protection measures placed on an application that leading to loss of private information. The other type of Office 365 data breach is a soft breach. There is no mechanism in place by Microsoft to protect user information from this kind of Microsoft Office 365 Security Breach. It can only be prevented by taking small steps at the end-user level.

Possible Solutions to Prevent Office 365 Attack

There are different measures which can be undertaken to ensure privacy from a possible security breach. Listed here are some of them:

  • Restrict access to internet usage to a specific group.
  • Block unauthorized, spamming and suspected sites.
  • Ask employees not to use social media during working hours. This can lead to possible social engineering attack which is another kind of Office 365 Security Breach.
  • Maintain a strict no password sharing policy.
  • Request them not to open attachments from unknown sources on their workplace system.
  • Ask them not to open suspicious links or for which log in seems fishy by any length.
  • Educate staff about phishing pages that ask about login credentials. Clearly explain the difference between the two by examples.
  • Separate training can be provided in groups to prevent Office 365 attack. Administrators can also send out pamphlets or correspond through email to notify end-user of these tricks.

More About Office 365 Migration Errors

There are vast loads of data that moves when upgrading to Microsoft cloud servers. There are chances of data corruption or loss during the export. It becomes more complicated with different versions of Exchange available and conversion operation. This is where the need for third-party tools comes in. It is a finer method of transferring data than opting for any manual means. It is faster, efficient and a much reliable technique. One such user-friendly professional software is SysTools Office 365 Backup. It is a top of the line product that offers a unique solution to download and save emails in PST and EML format. It provides multiple options to maintain folder structure, naming convention, and selective archive. It works for both single user and admin login. One can extract and save complete email folders or select complete user mailbox data to migrate.


The cyber world comes with new forms of attacks every day with sophisticated technology. The chances of Microsoft Office 365 security breach are quite common. It is not equipped with the proper tools and features to protect the important information efficiently. It means depending on constant cloud server connectivity to access mailbox and other application data. Instead, companies look for workarounds in third-party tools to prevent Office 365 Data Breach. These form the cornerstone to preserving any crucial data. One such formidable, excellent solutions have been described in this post. A demo version is available for free to download and use. One can try that to optimize results and backup complete mailbox data.