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Office 365 Mailbox Delegation Full Access Not Working

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The sharing of data is the most important factor that help the user to interact with other and exchange their multiple data items. Microsoft Office 365 shares data in two ways, as follows:

  • One is by providing delegate access, and
  • The other is by folder sharing

While folder sharing allows users to access user’s folders and delegate permission is totally a different thing. The process of folder sharing only gives the access to view folders but doesn’t allow the rights to act someone else on other person’s behalf. However delegation access provides the right for both of these options. Thus, user can take both access rights as well as permissions to reply for meeting requests and email messages from your own side to some other use.

Therefore, Office 365 mailbox delegation full access is a more reliable one that lets you share authority rights along with data, with others. So, in this section we would cover the error: Office 365 mailbox delegation full access not working.

Manage Full Access Permission in Office 365

In a scenario when a user has to handle some other person’s account along with his, then it is easier to add the other account to the user’s account to increase the manageability and for easy access. Office 365 mailbox delegation full access grant makes you get all the accessing ability in Exchange Server. Here, the other person has to provide the access to the user to handle the mailbox. To make this assigning possible there are certain steps to be followed wherein the other person should assign the user folder Visible Permission on root folder of Exchange mailbox.

  • Right click on the Exchange mailbox root folder.
  • From the given possible options select folder permissions
  • The person whom the permission is to be assigned is to be selected
  • In the Others option in Permissions mark the folder Visible
  • Enable the changes and assign permission by clicking the OK button

This will help you to manage full access permission Exchange 2010 and other version as well. In the similar way user can remove full access permission using Office 365 powershell command.

Points to be Considered to Make the Delegate Access Work

Take care of the following points when you want to make the process of sharing data by delegate access to work:

  • When the user is able to see the mailbox but cannot make any changes on the delegated mailbox, then check these-
    • The other person should give full access to the mailbox of user
    • Use Windows PowerShell in link with 0365
    • The command to be entered in PowerShell is-
    • Add-MailboxPermission –Identity “Mailbox name” –User “Mailbox Name” –AccessRights FullAccess
    • This command gives the user total access to the mailbox of the other person
  • When the user cannot send emails from the mailbox on behalf of the other person, then check these steps to Office 365 mailbox permissions report-
    • Log in to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC).
    • Click the Recipients, double-click on the display name and click on Shared
    • Click on the Mailbox delegation to add the desired user in Send As.
  • When the issue is miscellaneous other than the method of mailbox delegate full access, then check the following steps-
    • When there is a problem in the mailbox and the user does not know from where to start, then the first task is to confirm the settings.
    • Cross-check the mailboxes assigned with the delegate access mailbox and what the assigned permissions are.
    • Check if the assignments are properly done and if not then the problem lies with MS Outlook
    • The step that would work in this case is the repair and reconfiguration.

Precautions Before Solving Office 365 mailbox delegation full access not working Error

  • The entire scenario can be messed up by the appearance of issues in the hosted service of Office 365. So it is advisable that the users follow the first two steps before reconfiguring MS Outlook.
  • The local backup of Office mailbox is to be taken before the other person to assigns permissions in Office 365 to access the old mailboxes or even if the other person assigns mailbox permission to read the emails. The data can be shared to the custodians after a proper backup is created.


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