Getting Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error? Step by Step Solution

Ever encountered an error message “Lotus Notes file does not exist.” Fed up with this issue? Do not worry! Check out the following blog and easily troubleshoot this error without any hassle.

HCL Notes, formerly IBM Notes is one of the preferred email application when it comes to meet enterprise-level communication. It is integrated with features that allow users to swiftly meet the challenging business requirements. On top of that, it provides improved data security and data management features.

It is not just an email platform to communicate, however it is an integration of diverse applications including database, journals, documents etc. Large business organizations is being extremely depended on Lotus Notes because of its high-level security and privacy policies. As its security services are best, it does not mean that the application is free from errors. Being a heavily programmed software, IBM Notes users face many issues while working with it. One such error message is Lotus Notes file does not exist.

While archiving any data files, there are some chances where users may get the mentioned error. This error restricts a user to archive their document files. After getting this error prompt, some common questions strikes in user’s mind that what can be the possible reasons for this issue? How to resolve it? Thus, considering the requirement of users that how to resolve Lotus Notes NSF file missing error, today we are here with this editorial. Let’s get started.

Lotus Notes file does not exist

Causes and Resolutions to Remove NSF File Does Not Exist Error

There are many possible reasons due to which this error prompt can arise. Some of them are mentioned below along with their accurate solutions.

Case 1: Most of the time while working with Lotus Notes, many mis-happenings occur. That leads to the occurrence of an error i.e. Lotus Notes file does not exist issue.


  • Poor or no internet connectivity.
  • When a user tries to open a file which does not exist any longer or the file is saved in an external device that is not connected with the system properly.
  • Import any file or attachment that is not saved in the directory.


  • Check your internet connectivity and adapters properly. Then, try again to open the emails of Lotus Notes.
  • Eliminate the external storage device and replace it. After this, select the email and open it.
  • Be sure about the determined location of the directory where you have saved your documents and files. Verify that the selected directory path is appropriate or not.
  • Check the directory file names: desktop.ndk, cache.ndk, bookmarks.nsf, and names.nsf. After this, verify that they exist in directory or not. If these files are not available in Lotus Notes directory then, the NTF files must be there.

Case 2: For freeing up some Lotus Notes storage space, users try to archive emails in Lotus Notes. However, sometimes during this email archive procedure in Lotus Notes, users may get an error message i.e., NSF file does not exist in Lotus Notes. This error prompt terminates the data archiving process.


NSF file missing in Lotus Notes error comes up only if the archive .nsf file is renamed in the system or even deleted from the document directory.


The terminated procedure of Lotus Notes email archiving can be restarted by following the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Launch Lotus Notes and click on the File menu.
  • Then, click on Database >> Properties >> Archiving Settings.
  • After this, inspect that the file is misplaced or renamed.
  • If the NSF file is deleted or lost then, generate a new NSF and rename it. Place this file in its exact location.

Case 3: This error message may generate if a user tries to open Lotus Notes after update.


As Lotus Notes updates its services from time to time. Every user upgrades their software version, after getting the update. However, after updating Lotus Notes, when users configure any other user account in their Lotus Notes, the mentioned server error occurs.


Configure Lotus Notes with the same account through which you last updated it. After successful installation, restart your Lotus Notes. It will certainly resolve the NSF file missing in Lotus Notes error message.

Case 4: When users try to access any email in a local replica. Then, it might lead to the occurrence of this error message.


Utilizing a local replica instead of the server copy may cause this error. Additionally, an accidental deletion of temporary files (.DTF) of Notes also may lead to Lotus Notes file does not exist issue. Sometimes the anti-virus programs also delete the temporary files.


Follow the below-described steps to get rid of the mentioned error:

  • Try to open mail in server copy for checking the effects.
  • Launch Lotus Notes again to resolve NSF file not found error.
  • Configure the anti-virus program and exclude .DTF files from it.
  • Update the latest version of anti-virus for your system.

Still not able to fix the error message? Here comes the foolproof solution in the below section!

Expert Solution to Resolve Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error

“Lotus Notes files does not exist” is one of the errors encountered by IBM Notes users. Besides this, there are various other errors, which the Notes users commonly has to tackle with. Therefore, it becomes challenging for the users to fix the errors without hampering their on-going work.

Because of which, most of the Lotus Notes users starts switch to some error-free yet reliable platform such as Exchange Server. However, to migrate Lotus Domino files to Exchange Online, it is best recommended to use SysTools Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Tool. It is one-stop solution to all your migration needs wherein it allows to transfer “n” number of NSF files to the destination Exchange Server platform in seamless way. One can avail various customized features, which is integrated in the software panel.

Quick Simple Step-by-Step Working of the Tool

  • Download and launch the software on the Windows system intial lotus notes to exchange migrator screen
  • Select the destination export option as “Exchange” as given in the below image choose exchange server
  • Provide the admin credentials and IP address. Choose the requires categories and advanced settings option enter admin credentials to fix lotus notes file does not exist error
  • Click on the “Export” button to initiate migrating Lotus Notes files to Exchange Server migrate Lotus Notes files to Exchange Server

Concluding Lines

We have introduced this article to all those Lotus Notes users out there to help them with the techniques to resolve Lotus Notes file does not exist error. After this error message is being encountered, it becomes difficult to access the data of Lotus Notes. Thus, it is essential to fix this issue. Users can opt any of the mentioned techniques to solve this issue as according to the causes of the error.