How to Import PST to Mac Mail Without Any Loss of Data?

Srishty | April 26th, 2019 | Tips

With the rapid advancement in technology, there has been a conflict among several email applications. As most of the users prefer using MS Outlook, at the same time Mac Mail is also one of the prime choice when it comes to selecting a futuristic email client. We are aware of the fact that Outlook is a paid application which requires huge maintenance cost. Because of which, Outlook users come to the point of switching the email application to a free email client like Apple Mail, which is a default application that comes under Mac OS.

If you among those Outlook users who want to import PST to Mac Mail. Then, get the reliable solution from this blog to flawlessly convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail.

Reasons Behind Outlook PST to Apple Mail Migration

There are a number of reasons due to which a user needs to transfer their entire PST file to Mac Mail or any another email client. Some of the common cases are discussed below:

  1. Organization Switching: A user has switched the organization where Mac Mail is the primary email client. At that time, it becomes necessary to export PST to MBOX format and import MBOX into Apple Mail to access the old PST data in a new organization.
  2. Natural Disaster: Some natural incidents like Outlook file corruption, account deletion, hard drive crash, etc also forces users to import PST to Mac Mail. It is one of the main causes where users need to export Outlook data into MBOX and open PST on Mac OS
  3. Platform Switching: Sometimes users have changed their Operating System from Windows to Mac. This is another major factor where users need to import PST to Apple Mail format so as to access the Outlook emails and other data items in the Mac operating system.

There are two possible solutions to import Outlook PST file on Mac Mail. You can follow the manual procedure, which is completely free of cost but takes lots of time and efforts. Therefore, the better option is to avail reliable and trusted third-party software, which can easily execute a hassle-free conversion procedure.

Did You Find the Manual Method Difficult to Import PST to Mac Mail? Why?

The above mentioned manual procedure is not an efficient method to import PST to Mac Mail. This method has some limitations, which are described below:

  • The manual procedure requires the installation of Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • If a user is a non-technical person then, they may not understand the conversion steps correctly
  • In order to implement the manual steps, users need to invest a specific amount of time as it is quite lengthy and time-consuming.
  • If manual steps are not followed correctly then, there are chances of data loss or occurrence of any technical errors
  • Some data items like calendars, contacts will not be migrated in a single step.

An Effortless Solution to Import PST to Mac Mail

import pst to mac mail

With the various shortcomings associated with the native method, it is best suggested to avail some trustworthy professional tool like Outlook to MBOX Converter for Mac. It let users to import multiple PST files at a time to smoothly convert into MBOX format. Moreover, it generates individual MBOX file for every single PST file within the folder. One can effortlessly import PST to Mac Mail, irrespective of the Outlook versions. Furthermore, it does not require the installation of Outlook to undergo the file conversion process.

Let’s Wrap Up

One of the most concerning queries amongst users is “How to import PST to Mac Mail?”. As Outlook stores the data in PST format, it becomes a major hurdle to convert PST file to MBOX format, so as to import the same into Mac Mail. Therefore, in this post, we have elaborated result-oriented techniques to import PST to Mac Mail in a smooth and efficient way. In order to get rid of the manual limitations, one can avail the best and result oriented converter tool as described above.