Reasons That Force Microsoft Users to Love Hybrid In SharePoint 2016

Ugra Narayan Pandey | December 4th, 2018 | Technology

The post is going to familiarize Microsoft customers with astonishing features of Hybrid in SharePoint 2016. These features will help them in learning that why they are openly adopted in today’s business.

What is Hybrid in SharePoint 2016?

A SharePoint Hybrid environment is a platform where some of the services and contents are hosted ‘on-premises’, and rest are working on Microsoft Office 365 platform. It is true that Microsoft does not feel shy while the state that ‘If they are having their path, everyone will start migrating their business or personal operations to O365 tenant.’ One can consider the Microsoft quoted statements as their dream project in future because the Microsoft team is spending heavily to make this reality. They are putting all that can be done to provide the best services to their clients.

Should You Prefer Use of Hybrid?

Simultaneously, the Microsoft company recognizes that several clients are either unable to or don’t desire to migrate their work on the cloud. Some of the clients are restricted with compliance or regulatory obligations, which are stopping them from storing data on the multi-tenant online platform. Other sorts of people are spending their time coding and making money by creating custom approaches, which would require to be fully redesigned for cloud purpose. Also, it is being observed by customers that all features are not matching equally between SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premises. This is the major reason due to which existing Microsoft SharePoint on-premises clients rely only on the on-premises platform. Therefore, to match up with the customer’s expectation, Microsoft originated hybrid topologies.

Just A Recommendation – It is quite obvious to predict that even those individuals who are working with on-premises app will either:

  • Migrate few or complete data and workloads on cloud on the occurrence of any sudden unexpected event
  • Wish to at least give one try to the new innovation in Office 365 platform, by holding their work on premises.

How Hybrid in SharePoint 2016 Makes Work Easier?

A great improvement in the existence of hybrid management and features can be seen in SharePoint 2016. It’s not only about ease in setup process but, also regarding experiences realized by tenant administrators and end users. Following mentioned are new or updated experiences, which are felt in SharePoint 2016:

  1. Hybrid Search – This feature of SharePoint Hybrid is considered as the outstanding one in today’s date. By utilizing the cloud search service application, customers can now experience an ease while crawling their on-premise SharePoint data and sharing documents. Office 365 consumers can now look for their desired data across both environments by making use of a single search text box with unified set of results. Instead of searching separately on two platforms now we are having one collaborated searching feature in hybrid in SharePoint 2016.
  2. Hybrid OneDrive – Either it is about SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online, whenever end users click on OneDrive or the Site links present in the navigation bar, they directly get redirected towards Microsoft Office 365 experience. In simple words, the SharePoint server provides the facility to its administrator to redirect users to OneDrive for Busines when they prefer the use of OneDrive in navigation bar. This entire procedure is known as hybrid OneDrive in SharePoint 2016.
  3. Hybrid Team Sites – This point of Hybrid in SharePoint 2016 comprises of couple of experiences within it. Suppose users follow sites both in on-premises platform and Office 365, in this case, the list of sites will be followed and get available in Office 365 profile. This feature also renders redirection to the Microsoft Office 365 environment when one performs a click on the desired profile for displaying the Delve-driven profile screen if configured.
  4. Ease in Setup – SharePoint 2016 hybrid solution provides ease in configuration procedure when it is about setup procedure. Majority of the setup functionalities are automated, reducing the major involvement of humans and wasting their precious time. All the setup instructions are explained in a simplified manner with a deep understanding of each guideline.
  5. Hybrid App Launcher – The suitable tiles in Hybrid App launch will connect with their exact location only if the Hybrid OneDrive for Business or Hybrid Team Sites are configured properly. Remember one thing that the location could be either on on-premises or off-premises.

At Least Give One Chance to New Innovation

This post that describes features of hybrid in SharePoint 2016 is going to open eyes of those people who think that Microsoft on-premises is better than hybrid solution. Companies cannot change the mindset of an individual. It is the point of view of clients how they consider the things either in a positive manner or negative manner. Until and unless you don’t test the feature or product on your own, you don’t have the right to say something negative regarding it. Keep one thing in mind that challenges of data breach are always there; either you prefer the use of on-premises solution or hybrid. At the end, it is the customer’s capability and intelligence to achieve protection from data breach.