How to Separate Attachments from Email in Outlook – Top Two Solutions

Shini Mohan | October 16th, 2020 | Outlook

Hi, Recently I caught up in a situation where my Outlook starts freezing while working on it. And when I try to find the reason behind it, then I ended up with an oversized mailbox. However, the main culprit behind the oversized mailbox is email attachments. So I decided to separate all the attachments from Outlook. Therefore I start searching on the internet how to separate attachments from email in Outlook but didn’t find anything. Can anyone please suggest any effect6 solution to separate attachments from email in Outlook?

Well, we know that attachments are very crucial data. Because most of the companies share important documents like memos invoice and data files through email attachments. Therefore no one wants to lose or delete attachments. But as we said above due to a large number of attachments many users encounter an oversize Outlook mailbox.

Therefore, users start saving the attachment one by one but who has this much to save each attachment individually from a large number of email attachments. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the solution on how to separate attachment from email in Outlook. So let’s jump into the blog

Pro Tip: If you want to separate multiple attachments from Outlook, then, you can try the Outlook Attachment Extractor tool. This tool is designed to extract attachments from Outlook emails. This tool is the proven alternative over the long-winded manual method.

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How to Separate Attachments from Email in Outlook?

In order to separate attachment from multiple attachments here in this section, we are going to discuss some methods so follow the techniques below.

#Method 1: Automatically Separate Attachments from Email in Outlook

  • Launch Outlook application first
  • Now, open the desired email message from which you want to separate attachments.
  • Go to the File tab option and select Save Attachments and then All Attachments.
  • Now, choose the saving location and click on the OK button to separate attachments from email in Outlook.

#Method 2: Separate Attachments From Outlook Via VBA

The inbuilt save option in Outlook only separates single attachments from each email you cannot separate multiple attachments from Outlook to do this you can use VBA script. So follow the steps to do this.

To begin the task first you have to create a separate folder in any location on your computer.

Launch Outlook program and then, follow the listed below steps.

1. Press Alt+F11 to open the VB editor.

2. Now, copy and paste the below VB scripts to the VB editor

Private Sub Outlook_VBA_Save_Attachment()
”Variable declarions
Dim ns As NameSpace
Dim inb As Folder
Dim itm As MailItem
Dim atch As Attachment

”Variables Initialization
Set ns = Outlook.GetNamespace(“MAPI”)
Set inb = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
File_Path = “D:\attach\”

”Loop Thru Each Mail Item
For Each itm In inb.Items

”Loop Thru Each Attachment
For Each atch In itm.Attachments
If atch.type = olByValue Then
atch.SaveAsFile File_Path & atch.FileName
End If
Next atch
Next itm

””’Notify the Termination of Process
MsgBox “Attachments Extracted to: ” & File_Path
End Sub

3. Press F5 to execute the code.

4. Once the execution of code is completed, all your email attachments from Outlook will be separated into the allocated space.

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Best Alternative Method on How to Separate Attachments from Email in Outlook

Undoubtedly, the above mentioned manual methods are quite a tedious approach. Because the first method only separates single attachments and the second method is not for non-technical users. Therefore, most of the users start seeking for an automatic technique to separate Outlook attachments from emails quickly.

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For that, you can try an ultimate solution i.e., SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor, This is the tool that is capable to separate attachments from Outlook OST, PST, and BAK files. The software comes with various filter options such as date filters, mailbox item filter, and size filter and all these features make this software the best and efficient utility. However, the latest version 4.0 is a blend of straightforward user interface and advance features. Which is why it is the best yet recommended software by the professionals.

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How to Separate Attachments from Email in Outlook is become a common query on the internet today. Hence, after considering the user’s query we have come up with the technical guide. Here in this write-up, we have discussed two manual methods to separate attachments from Outlook emails. However, if you finding the manual method is a complex or tedious task, then you can go for the third-part attachment management tool mentioned above.