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How to Backup AWS Account? Why Creating Backup is Important?

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User Query: It is really urgent for me to learn how to backup AWS account because of the risks that have been threatening the data. Can anyone please suggest something to create an archive of my data locally? Please help, it’s urgent.

AWS or Amazon WorkMail account is used and known by a huge number of users worldwide. It is a safe and secure managed business email service with calendar services as well to support desktop applications.

Amazon WorkMail can be integrated with your existing corporate directory and use the email journaling.

The reasons to backup AWS account are mentioned below:

  • Hackers can get into your mailbox by hacking your account and delete or misuse the information stored in your emails.
  • There are various malware attacks like ransomware attacks where the emails are encrypted and inaccessible to the users.
  • Losing emails due to accidental deletion can cause a lot of trouble to the users.
  • In case you want to free up more space in your mailbox, saving emails as backup and deleting them from the mailbox can help with that.

Methods to Learn How to Backup AWS Account

Here, we have a sure shot technique that can help you perform the transfer process without losing even a bit of data. But for that, you have to first download the Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool.

This software can be used on both Windows and Mac OS machines.

For Windows OS:


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With the help of this amazingly built software, you can download your emails as per requirement i.e. in bulk or batches, in one shot.

The software to backup AWS account offers a lot of features that can be used for bulk and selective email migration.

Let’s take a look at these features and then follow the steps for backup so that we know how and where to use these functions.

Features of the Software to Download Emails

1. Date-filter – The software offers a Date-filter that allows you to change the dates as per your requirement and set a time-period. Then, the tool will export only those emails from the chosen time-zone for selective data export.

2. Multiple Email Formats – To learn how to backup AWS account in different file formats, this tool provides users with multiple export options. You can use the PST, EML, MSG, PDF, & MBOX to export your emails in desired format without losing any data.

3. Delete after Download – With the help of this tool, there is an option to delete the emails after they have been exported to regain server space. Apply the Delete after Download feature to download all the emails you want and the tool will remove them from the mailbox.

4. Preserve Folder Structure – While you backup AWS account using the software, the tool ensures that the folder is kept the same. This means that the structure of the folder is not modified and remains the same even after the migration process.

5. Pause & Resume Feature – There is a Pause and Resume feature to manage the process if there is anywhere you feel stuck. Meaning, the software will allow you to pause the process whenever the need be and resume it as soon as the problem gets solved.

6. Incremental Backup – After learning how to backup AWS account, you can use the Incremental Backup feature to download the emails that have recently been received. Rescan the mailbox by using this feature and export only the new emails.

7. Windows OS Compatibility – Save the emails by using this software on Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all lower versions. You can download the data on any version i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit with the help of the user-friendly interface.

Now that you know what features the software offers and how they work, let’s find the steps for backup.

Steps to Backup AWS Account Using the Tool

1. Download the software and enter the sign in details for your AWS WorkMail account. Hit Login to get into your account.


2. Go to the Select Email Format section to choose the format and click on the Browse button to set a destination path.


3. Click on the Delete after Download option to regain the server space by hitting Yes.


4. Use the Apply Filter option to set the dates in the Date-Filter for selective data backup.


5. Press the Start button to finish up the process.


To Summarize

It is not hard to learn how to backup AWS account with the right approach on the hand. There are no manual ways of downloading the emails to your local storage simply.

The software provides various features that are easy-to-use and help with bulk and selective data transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – Does the software make any changes in the data after downloading it locally?

Ans. The software makes sure that there are no modifications made to the data after exporting it to your local storage.

Q.2 – Will I be able to export data in MBOX file format and access the emails in Thunderbird or Mac Mail?

Ans. Yes, the software provides multiple formats like PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, and EML formats.

Q.3 – What are the steps to create a backup of the data on local storage?

Ans. Follow the given steps:
Step 1 – Run the tool and enter the login credentials.
Step 2 – Choose the export type and browse for the destination location.
Step 3 – Apply the filters for selective data export.
Step 4 – Hit the Start button to complete the procedure.

Q.4 – Is there any limitation on the size of the emails to be exported?

Ans. There is no restriction on the file size that you are exporting to the local storage.