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How to Secure Wifi Hotspot Know Full Information Here

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Published On January 19th, 2024
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Acknowledge the Technique as How to Secure Wifi Hotspot

WiFi hotspots are found in coffee shops, airports, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and various other public places in the urbanized areas of developed societies. This can be used on a laptop or other portable device like smartphones, tablets, etc. to access the wireless connection (usually Wi-Fi). This is a very well-known fact that the Hotspot, though a significant Internet service provided for the public at public establishments, is not secured enough to be used for sensitive and crucial purposes. It is not even suitable to be used for personal use because nobody likes to share personal information with the unknowns. Regardless of the fact whether it uses an open public network or a closed public network, the truth is that both types, endanger the privacy of information that users deal with. Therefore, the question arises as to how to secure a WiFi hotspot so that information is not leaked out by an attack from someone else.


Wifi Hotspot Not Safe to Use without Protection – Know Why!

 The reason why the public Wi-Fi Hotspot that offers Internet accessibility is not safe and secure is that it does not utilize any kind of encryption technology. With the unavailability of any sort of protection facility in the public wireless local area network (WLAN) that is offered by any wireless router connected to a link going to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the web browsing history information and other activities performed on the Internet by a user cannot be sheltered in a way a private network does.

Moreover, due to the lack of some encryption feature in the public network which is accessible to multiple users, a hacker can get into the network by hacking and intercepting all transferred data, be it one’s email address, sites visited, username and password, etc. Hence, Wifi security is one of the major challenges and quite a serious concern in correlation with Hotspots. Such insecurities bring in the need to secure WiFi hotspots so that the connection cannot be snooped in or eavesdropped by others.


Insecurity with Wifi Hotspot Use – Solution to the Problem

Hotspot users can easily secure the browsed Internet sessions to prevent other nearby WI-Fi users from snooping into other devices to get hold of Internet activities like sites visited and perhaps detaining emails, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. One of the safest and simplest methods to have access to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot, which is otherwise susceptible to multiple unknown security issues, is the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Know What VPN is – It is a virtual private network used to protect a public network. Here, a VPN server is hosted by any company and also a VPN client application is provided that users install on their computer system. Once a user connects to the company’s VPN server, regardless of the fact where the user, all Internet browsing and traffic is routed to and from the company’s network through encryption technology.


Other Advantages of VPN – In addition to shielding network traffic from eavesdroppers, it offers some other benefits as well that are as follows:

  • Hides an IP address and hence allows surfing anonymously.
  • To view restricted websites it bypasses network filtering.
  • Uses blocked services like chatting, VoIP and instant messaging.
  • Avoids a country’s Internet restrictions.

How does VPN Work?–It creates an encrypted tunnel between the public’s device and the VPN server. No one, not even user’s own ISP or any other public Wifi hackers can see the data other people transmit.

Type of Effective VPN – There are various types of existing VPN solutions out of which the most popular for public network security is an SSL-based VPN. This is because of two reasons; one that it uses similar encryption that is utilized by banking and other government sites and the other is that PPTP VPN protocol, which comes protected with MS-CHAPS encryption is at risk to ‘man-in-the middle attacks’ and hence should be avoided.

Note – Surfing and file downloading may get a bit slow with the use of VPN.

Get Hold of Hotspot Shield VPN – For Apt Security

 Various third party software applications exist as a protection tool to secure Wifi Hotspot. Out of many such utilities available, the one that should be brought into use is Hotspot Shield from Anchor Free. It is a versatile security solution for Wifi Hotspots as well as serves as Internet security by rendering antivirus and anti-spyware utilities. It provides security by creating a virtual private network tunnel between the user’s machine and the Internet gateway. The tunnel is secured against anyone (hackers, snoopers and eavesdroppers) who may try to intercept browsed sessions or spy to get info about things like download, instant messages, financial transactions, credit card information or any other information sent over the network.

Features of Hotspot Shield

  • Unblocks blocked websites.
  • Hides IP address from where logged-in.
  • Allows anonymous surfing on the Web.
  • Secures Web browsing sessions.
  • Protects client devices from viruses and malware.
  • Encrypts data transferred on the network.
  • Renders security at all Wifi Hotspots.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and also iOS.

Conclusion: –From the unmatchable and multiple features that the Hotspot Shield offers, it can be undoubtedly said that it is one of the best Virtual Software Application software that can be used to secure Wifi Hotspot without fail. Moreover, it is very simple to download, install any make use of.