How to Use Google Vault Extractor to Extract Emails from Vault?

Samuel Adams | October 12th, 2020 | Google, How to

Google provides a tool for Administrators for ediscovery and compliance. This tool is called Google Vault and it is available for every G Suite license. Now although Google Vault has its own download operation, many users are unsatisfied with it due to its complexity and look for different solutions to extract Google Vault data. Here, In this article, we will be explaining about best Google Vault extractor to export emails and documents from Google vault account for multiple users.

Download Google Vault Extractor For Windows

Click on the below download button for downloading the free version of Google Vault extractor. The free demo version of the tool allows you to extract Google Vault data of two user accounts without any limitation. After the satisfaction of tools working, upgrade with licensed to extract multiple user account data from Google Vault. In case of any trouble with project creation or regarding data extraction, feel free to contact SysTools technical support team.

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Features of Google Vault Extractor

  • Easy to the user and faster extraction mechanism
  • Extract Google vault emails to PST and MBOX format.
  • Download all documents on each user account
  • Category & Date-range filter option for extraction
  • Automatically splits large size email files.
  • Option to automatically fetch all user accounts
  • Google Vault extractor retains data integrity and attachments.
  • Generates a report of exported Google vault data.
  • Retry & Re-Run Download option for failed and skipped items of last extraction attempt.
  • Stop Download button to terminate all ongoing extraction processes.

Steps to Extract Google Vault Data Using Google Vault Extractor

The aforementioned tool is quite a handy utility as it provides an all-round solution to export Google vault data. During the extraction process, the tool maintains the email properties and embedded attachment, images, and header information. This utility also ensures that the extraction of Google Takeout data are done in the most convenient manner. The complete process is easy and loaded with multiple features that will help you during the extraction of Google vault data in desired file formats.

Note: The Software extracts the emails and documents at the desired destination location in a zip file. After completion, extract the zip file to get access the data.

Here’s How to Export Google Vault Data Using Google Vault Extractor:

  • Step 1: Download Google Vault Downloader. After completion of download, install and Run it on your Windows system.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Activate” button at the left panel of the tool window and providing the activation code. If you don’t have the activation code then you can request for it.   
  • Step 3: After activation is successfully completed, then from the main window, select the Destination File format in which you wish to extract Google Vault emails. Google Vault Extractor
  • Step 4: Next, from the workload section, select the Category of items that need to be extracted. The tool provides a category filter for Email and Document. Additionally, the Administrator can also set the date-range filter for each category for selective data extraction. extract Google Vault data
  • Step 5: Enter the Google Vault Admin Id, Service Client id, and P12 file path created during the project creation. The tool provides the PDF file that contains steps to create a project. (Take help from the support team for the project creation, if needed). Next, click on Validate button for the authentication of the details entered. 
  • Step 6: Next in the destination tab, browse the location where you wish to save the extracted Google vault data and click on the Validate button.
  • Step 7: From the User tab, select the option to add the user id into the tool. The tool provides two option to add user ids:
    • Fetch User: This option will automatically fetch all the user accounts of Google Vault and list them in the tool window.
    • Import CSV: If you have a list of user in CSV file whose data need to be extracted. If you don’t have the CSV file then click on Download Template button to get one. 
  • Step 8: After fetching the user account, select the users whose data need to be extracted then click on the Validate button for the authentication of user accounts. 
  • Step 9: Finally, click on Start Download button to begin the extraction process.
  • Step 10: After completion of extraction, click on the Download Report button to generate a report containing details of extracted vault data.  Download Report

Final Words

The extraction of Google Vault data is easy if you have a proficient tool. However, due to the complexity of the process, there aren’t many reliable solutions on the internet, the task can be too cumbersome to execute. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided an efficient utility that can extract complete Google vault data. Use the best Google Vault extractor to export emails and documents from the Google vault account.