How to Fix “An Unknown Error has Occurred. 0X80040119” Without Any Hassle?

Shayadri Sharma | December 6th, 2018 | Technology

No doubt, Microsoft Outlook is the proficient email client famous among both business and individual users. The application is designed so smartly that even a novice user can use it to perform electronic communication. Therefore, it is the most preferable email client by the end-users for day-to-day task. But, everything in this world comes with both pros and cons, so as MS Outlook. Like any other application, it is also prone to errors or issues. On one side, it includes number of advance emailing features like task scheduling, appointments in calendars, etc. On the other side, offensive errors in Outlook can break the continuity of work.

However, it is true that regular use of any application with improper maintenance sometimes leave Outlook in a mismanaged state and give rise to unexpected errors.  Therefore, this blog will let users know about one such Outlook errors i.e., an unknown error has occurred 0x80040119. Apart from this, how a user can rid of this error as soon as possible

What could be the possible outcome when this error encountered?

Every error has one or other effect either on that particular application or the whole system. After understanding the cause or symptoms of this error, it becomes easy for the user to prevent it in the future.

“An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119”

This error message is generally encountered by the users when they try to send, receive, read, delete an email. Whenever this error occurs, the following symptoms can be noticed:

  • All currently running application in Windows get crashed.
  • Windows get crashed, freezes, or stop working completely.
  • Windows take large amount of time while responding to any input.
  • A user is not allowed to access Outlook mailbox data.

Why “An Unknown Outlook Error 0X80040119” Occurred?

Before directly jumping to the solution,


Sit back and understand the exact reason behind the error. It is important to know the cause of this error in Outlook. However, this will anyhow be going to help you guys in resolving the error. Moreover, this error in Outlook also has some proper reason behind it. So, let’s get started with all possible reasons that can give rise to this error:

  • Corrupt or highly damaged PST file
  • It might be due to large size Outlook data files (.pst)
  • Due to improper configuration of Microsoft Outlook account
  • There might be some connection problem in the mail server
  • It can be because of virus or malware attack on PST file
  • A user has deleted some of the Outlook files mistakenly.
  • If Windows registry gets corrupt due to any reason.

All such type of reasons give rise to such type of errors in Microsoft Outlook application and it becomes difficult for the user to access the Outlook mailbox.

Wants to Get Rid Of This Unknown Outlook Error 0x80040119?

Now, the time has come where a user must know how he or she can fix this error in the best possible way. Here, in this section of the blog, some of the common fixes are covered that one can try at free of cost.

  1. A user can reinstall Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Repair corrupt PST file with scanpst.exe inbuilt utility.

Note: It is capable to remove minor level of corruption from PST file. Therefore, in the case of severely damaged PST file, this inbuilt utility fails badly.

  1. Try to open Outlook in safe mode and disable add-ins.
  2. Look for virus or malware infection by scanning the whole system.
  3. Delete all junk, temporary files and folders from the system.
  4. Try to update all drivers of the local machine.
  5. Restore your system back to previous versions when Outlook was working perfectly.
  6. Update the version of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Alternative Approach to Fix Outlook Unknown Error 0x80040119

If any of the above discussed troubleshooting ways is unable to fix the error, then PST file must be badly damaged. In order to repair badly damaged PST file, a user is suggested to take help of a professional solution. Outlook Recovery tool is one of the widely used application to deal with any type of corruption issues from PST file. The software is designed so smartly that it supports both ANSI and UNICODE type PST file. A user can repair PST file without MS Outlook installation on the local machine.

Being a desktop-based application Microsoft Outlook has some drawbacks also. For example, limited access, high-chances of data corruption, unknown Outlook error like 0x80040119. Thus, switching to cloud i.e., Office 365 will be a smart move. After recovering PST file, import it to Office 365 account. Now, to perform this task in a seamless manner without any loss of data, take help of Office 365 Import tool. It is one of the finest application to transfer PST to Office 365 account. This will increase the accessibility of Outlook PST file data anywhere without any dependency of Outlook.

Final Words

Any small issue in Outlook can create big troubles. Similarly, an unknown error 0x80040119 has occurred in Outlook. This error leaves Outlook in the state where it becomes difficult for a user to access the mailbox data. To get Outlook back in the normal working state, various methods are covered above to fix it. A user can try those fixes and get rid of the error in the simplest way.