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Fastmail Backup Email – Save the Day by Taking Backup Swiftly

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | Published: 2021-12-29T13:01:27+00:00|Data Backup | 5 Minutes Reading

There are various email services on the cloud such as Gmail, RoundCube, Fastmail etc. Various users having their account on Fastmail want to learn the methods for Fastmail backup email.

It is not a hardship learning how to take a backup of your webmail emails but it requires the right methods for successful export.

You can feel the need to create a backup anytime, in dire situations, or maybe, when something unfortunate happens. However, why should you wait till something bad happens?

Fastmail email is in fact, fast. It provides various functions to its users which allow them to connect to the server, send & receive emails faster. 

Now, talking about the backup, it is important to backup Fastmail because the data you store on the cloud should be safe from all the risks.

There is no doubt in the fact that the cloud keeps your data safe but not entirely. External threats can always lead to data-loss situations which are not ideal for any user.

If you want to get over these factors to keep your data away from all the threats, stick till the end of the blog.

Queries for Fastmail Backup Email Solution

Query 1I need to take a backup of my data from my webmail service i.e. Fastmail. It is an urgent requirement as I have to use a few of these emails for a presentation as well so I need to keep them safe. If any of you know about any solution, please let me know.

Query 2 I have a habit of taking backup of my emails, desktop or cloud. I recently started using Fastmail & want to know how I can take a successful backup. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!

Solutions to Backup Fastmail Email Account Locally

If you want a manual solution, you can just simply configure your email account with a desktop-based email client.

You can use IMAP configurations to do the same. However, if you do not want that, there is a professional way to take a backup.

What is it?

It is the IMAP Mail Backup Software for Mac powerful enough to take backup in bulk.

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Let’s find out about this tool, the working, & the functions.

Information About the Tool to Learn the Benefits of Using it

The software is designed with algorithms that allow the users to perform Fastmail  backup email in bulk.

There are no modifications or alterations made to the data during the backup & the tool ensures safety throughout the procedure.

It is possible for every user to understand the working of the tool due to the user-friendly interface.

Take a look at the smart features that it provides:

  • Choose from the file formats; PST, EML, PDF, MSG, MBOX, HTML, etc.
  • Backup Fastmail emails as per a time-period using Date-filter option 
  • If you want to clear up server space, use the Delete after Download feature
  • The Maintain Folder Hierarchy feature is enabled by default
  • Naming Convention feature to rename emails to find them quickly
  • Option to create a single Outlook data file for all or each email
  • Works well with all the latest & prior versions of Mac OS
Note: If you want to backup IMAP mailbox to PST on Mac, learn from here.

Using the Software for Fastmail Backup Email Operation

1. Download & run the tool on the local machine. Choose the Other option & enter the user credentials. Also, provide the IMAP Server & Port No. Hit Login.

viewing modes

2. Select your desired file format & click on the Advance Settings. These steps are for EML format.


3. Choose the Naming Convention pattern as per requirement & set the dates in the Date-filter for a selective backup.


4. Pick the destination in the Change field & mark the Delete after Download option if the need be.


5. Complete the process by clicking on the Start Backup.


Reasons to Backup Fastmail Emails from Webmail

Various risks are there when you store your data on the cloud as listed below:

  • Account hacking is a common cyber-crime nowadays which makes users lose a lot of data.
  • Virus intrusion can be found when an email sent by an unknown sender is opened.
  • Malware attacks like ransomware encrypt the emails making them inaccessible. 
  • Accidental deletion can be avoided if you take a backup of the data on the local storage.

Ending Point

You can learn the Fastmail backup email process with the help of the method explained in here. There is no direct way to export the data as backup apart from the mentioned technique.

The reasons for backup that are given here are the major ones to convince a user into taking a backup. If you have different reasons or requirements, the software can easily fulfill all your desires with no loss or corruption issues.