Necessity To Prevent Insider Data Breach Incidences In Enterprises

Ugra Narayan Pandey | March 31st, 2018 | Technology

Insider Data Breach

Insider data breach threat is the biggest risk enterprises face today in the wake of exponentially increasing data breaches. CloudCodes CASB Solutions is the best option to stop insider data breaches.

Statistics Highlighting The Number of Insider Data Breach Incidences

The common factor for most of the data breaches reported shows a risky cause and that is of the increasing insider threat. It is no surprise that more than 40% of the data breaches occur due to threats from within an organization and this takes only the officially reported figures. There are numerous incidents which go unreported and are sorted out internally in an organization. If all the reported and unreported ones are to be considered then the figure is sure to cross 75% limit and this is an astonishing statistic. The insider data breach incidences have far-reaching effects due to their low detection capabilities and high potential impact that they can cause on an enterprise. Companies have to have appropriate cloud security measures deployed well in time to negate these risks of insider data breach cases and hence secure their sensitive data from such data breaches.

Means And Motives For Insider Data Breach Efforts

There are many means by which insider data breach incidences may happen in an enterprise.

  • Insider data breach cases occur when an employee intentionally/unintentionally uploads confidential data on a public domain and this leads its revealing and data breach.
  • Then there might be a dissatisfied employee who gains entry into the system of the enterprise where the sensitive data is stored. He may download all the required information on his personal device and get away without leaving behind any physical trace.
  • Sometimes, any vulnerable employee is lured by money or any other means by third-parties to obtain information or help them gain backdoor entry into the system of the enterprise.

Concern For Increasing Insider Data Breach Incidences In Cloud Platform

If cloud security of an enterprise has some serious lapses, then it is easy for an employee to break the cordon by taking advantage of weak credentials or improper blacklisting of applications. Any account which has been rendered inactive by a previous employee but forgotten to be deleted by the IT department is also an easy target for individual with a malicious intent to obtain sensitive information. This shows the importance of account lifecycle management when they hold data that is voluminous and significant. The applications in the cloud communicate with the user using the Application Program Interface (API) key. This secures complex passwords and is used for identification purposes. For changing an API key, it is necessary that all the associated systems be integrated simultaneously. And it is for this precise reason of it being an arduous task that the API keys are kept unchanged for longer durations. Hence, if any admin is leaving his job, he still has full access to the system till the API keys remain unchanged. API management is thus vital for the prevention of insider data breach in an enterprise.

CASB Solutions For Checking Insider Data Breach Incidences

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques and tools can help enterprises a great deal to plug in any security lapses so that the insider data breach cases can be prevented. This alerts the admin when there is a sudden download of sensitive data within short time periods or when there is data transfer between multiple systems. These DLP solutions scan for files based on content/keywords/classifications and report any abnormal data transfers taking place in an enterprise. Insider data breach cases can be prevented by alerting, blocking, reporting or deleting sensitive data that leaves the network. CASB solutions by CloudCodes have such security mechanisms to check the unwanted file transfers and protect the enterprise from insider data breach cases. These CASB solutions enforce policies to incorporate permission reviews, least privilege, regular account reviews, separation of duties and API key management to deal with such insider data breach occurrences.

Conclusion About Insider Data Breach Incidences

For an enterprise to guard itself against insider data breach incidences, proper security protocols have to be in place; and policies and restrictions have to be strictly adhered to. Proper detection mechanisms have to be employed and such a security cocoon can be availed by the implementation of efficient CASB solutions, which work as data safeguards protecting the crucial organizational information from getting the wrong hands.