Convert Inbox.dbx from Outlook Express to Outlook 2016,2013,2010, 2007

Shayadri Sharma | May 10th, 2018 | Tips

How to Convert Outlook Express to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007?

This blog focuses on How to Migrate Outlook Express to Outlook Versions 2007,2010 & 2016. It also aims to describe methods to export DBX to Outlook PST when Outlook and Outlook Express(OE) Are Installed on the Same Computer

Microsoft OE is a free tool; basically a very basic emailing program. It is possible for the users to import mail messages as well as account info from OE to Outlook. In this OE email program, each and every email folder is corresponding to one single file. Like say, the OE’s Inbox folder corresponds to a single file i.e. Inbox.dbx file. On the contrary, in Microsoft Outlook, each mail message is stored as one particular file. If OE, as well as Outlook email tools, get installed on separate machines, users must be knowing this info so that they can find & copy the correct folder as and when they need to migrate Inbox.dbx to Outlook.

Outlook Express to Outlook 2016

Dual Approach to Migrate Outlook Express to Outlook

Approach 1: When Outlook and OE Are Installed on the Same Computer

First of all, users have to start the Import and Export Wizard to move DBX to Outlook PST by selecting any 1 of the below-given options:

  • In MS Outlook 2010 version, on the tab of “File”, the user needs to click Open > and then go to Import
  • In MS Outlook 2007 version, on the menu of “File”, the user needs to click on the Import & Export
  • Then the user needs to click on the option for “Import-Internet-Mail-and-Addresses
  • Then the user needs to click Next
  • First click OE
    • Then, select the option for “import-mail-checkbox
    • After that, click the Next button
    • And now, click the Finish button
    • Finally, click “Save in Inbox” for saving a copy of the import-summary inside the Inbox to import dbx files into Outlook.

Approach 2: When Outlook and OE Are Installed on Different Computers

For transferring mail from Outlook Express to Outlook with the help of the Import-and-Export-Wizard, users have to, first of all, locate and then copy the correct files from the system where OE has been installed to the system where MS Outlook has been installed in order to move Inbox.dbx to Outlook.

Significant to Note

Just to copy the OE info to some shared location is not enough to migrate Microsoft Outlook Express to Outlook. The user has to copy the folder also to the system where MS Outlook program has been installed. Follow the steps underneath for this purpose to complete the process to migrate DBX to Outlook:

  • Copy OE folder
  • On the system where OE’s email account has been set up, in the OE email program, the user must go to the Tools menu
  • And here click Options
  • And then click on the tab for Maintenance
  • After that, go to the Outlook Express program’s dialog box for Options
  • And then, click the Store Folder
  • There, take note of the entire path as shown in the field in the dialog box for Store Location

Important Tip

Users have to record the location while converting emails from Outlook Express to Outlook so that they can use that at a later time while performing this process. This can be done in a fast way by selecting the info in the field, and then by pressing CTRL+C for copying, and then open Notepad; and then press CTRL+V for pasting it there. If required, the default view can be modified in the MS Windows Explorer for seeing the folders that are somehow hidden. This has to be done because OE’s folder has been located inside a hidden folder.
Importing of Account Name & Account Settings from OE
Users can choose any 1 of the options given below to export DBX to Outlook:

  • In MS Outlook 2010 version, click Open and then Import on the tab for File
  • In MS Outlook 2007 version, click Import & Export on the File menu
  • Users can also click Import-Internet-Mail-Account-Settings, and after that, they can click on Next
  • It is also possible to click OE and after that click Next
  • Then, users can follow the other instructions remaining in the Import & Export Wizard

Outlook Express to Outlook Converter with Version

Third party tools work very well in the cases where manual ways fail to deliver results. These tools are made with careful scrutiny and hours of repeated examinations. Also, coming from the hands of experts, they are nothing less than expert solutions. Manual ways can be tried as they are free, but once a user finds that he/she is unable to perform the DBX to Outlook PST conversion with any manual way, the third party tool is the safest bet in that regard to import Outlook Express to Outlook.


Manual methods, though work under certain circumstances, but not all. They tend to fail if the process is too lengthy to import dbx files into outlook or intricate. In difficult cases, such methods usually fail to give accurate results. Also, they are not recommended at times, when the conversion is intricate. In such cases, commercial solutions serve the purpose well.