Essential Cloud Security Controls To Be Enforced In Firms Working Online

Ugra Narayan Pandey | January 29th, 2019 | Cloud Security

The post is going to familiarize end users with basic knowledge about cloud security controls. After this, they will track different ways through which it will be possible to achieve these controls in businesses for assuring 24*7 cloud data protection.

When it’s about online platform adoption, data protection, and privacy are hands down the major concerns. According to the ESG survey, it is being stated that half of the organizations are still uncomfortable while saving regulated content on the web. Therefore, here we came live with this post to inform end users about cloud security controls and assist on how to achieve them. Organizational readers have to completely understand all the concepts properly and then, define strict Cybersecurity standards and controls to protect their core business content.

What Cloud Security Controls Mean?

The term ‘cloud security controls’ define a set of operations, which enable cloud infrastructure to render security against vulnerability and reduce or mitigate the malicious attack effect. It is a wide concept that includes the measures, instructions, and practices, which must be enforced in business cloud environment. Basically, it helps in detecting, evaluating, and implementing online data protection strategies to timely enhance Cybersecurity.

When online platforms become more protective because of bulk of online data protection solutions, people are unable to afford overlooking of the fact that – some cloud platforms have vulnerabilities where few degrees of risk is present while working online. In order to minimize this cloud computing security challenges, the emergence of the advanced cloud security controls took place. Now, these controls should be at the top in the priority list, not to be taken forsake. Initially, there is a bundle of preventive strategies through which enterprises can reduce risks of data breaches or attacks in the CyberWorld. Some of them are – restriction on specific cloud resources, online data encryption, password security, multi-factor authentication, etc. Undoubtedly, these methods are excellent to be used in business to minimize threat occurrence chances up to some extent. But, if enterprises are searching for the implementation of IoT devices as the part of the digital transformation, there is a lot more to do for security. A data-centric kind of approach is important to have control over online data protection in such a case.

Let’s See How to Gain Advance Cloud Security Controls?

There are most of the essential preventive approaches that are associated with data center online layer network of several IoT infrastructure layers. Analyzing the cloud security controls at this stage can minimize threats like DoS and component exploitation. Well, following listed are some methods to reduce risk up to its lowest level:

  • Choose A Correct Cloud Platform to Use – There exist three major types of cloud platform i.e., private, public, and hybrid. The public clouds are not at recommended by online experts, for storing confidential business content. Hybrid environments are widely in use these days because they provide cost-saving advantages to end users. But, in terms of security, threats on hybrid cloud environment needs to be focused. Two security infrastructures are required to consolidate and maintain for the same. Enterprises can acquire the best use of the hybrid cloud platform only if they enforce proper cloud security controls.
  • Business Network Traffic Segregation – Segregation of network traffic can be gained on private online platforms. This is an essential control of cloud security where it is majorly about IoT. It is possible to segregate the IoT traffic from other networks with help of an IoT gateway. When the traffic gets segregated, it reduces overall cloud computing security risks. It prevents attempting of malicious activities on cloud, enabling customers to work securely online, even if IoT devices are used.
  • Adopt An Online Data Logging Service – One of effective cloud security controls is data logging. It is an effective manner in which admins can see total number of failed login attempts made on their business accounts, its ideal time, and retries. The purpose of this is also to address other operations like analyzing failed device logins, new online profile creations, and policy modifications. Data logging is an activity through which one can easily address that who is doing what with online resources and for what purpose. It helps in determining the employees’ attitude towards their business resources. One should prioritize access control regulations, which impact the actions that could be taken on some unexpected behavior detection.
  • Read The SLA in Concentration Manner – A service level agreement (SLA) is rendered to the customers of cloud service providers. It is the responsibility of clients to read this agreement file thoroughly and address the cloud security controls provided by the vendor. Remember one thing that most of the security solutions rendered by CSP are disabled, by default. Customers have to enable them on their own to use that particular security option. For example – multi-factor authentication security options are initially disabled in Office 365 tenant, GCP, etc. Online account users have to activate this feature in their accounts to use it.

CloudCodes – Automated Tool Where All Controls Are Availed

It would be a best decision to automate cloud security controls by using the solutions offered by security-as-a-service vendors. One such vendor is CloudCodes, which is popularly known among officials for its Cybersecurity services. The solution provides all controls that are needed to protect business confidential resources and information. Also, the same solution is embedded with data monitoring and threat detection system to analyze employees’ attitude and address internet threats, respectively. One can achieve all cloud security controls at an affordable price with CloudCodes CASB Solution.