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AWS Workmail Export in a Few Steps Applying Expert Methods

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | Modified: 2021-07-21T10:46:20+00:00|Data Backup, Export | 5 Minutes Reading

Have you ever tried or thought of AWS Workmail export for any reason but are afraid of losing data?

We have a solution for you which will make your fear go away and help you go through the process to export your data seamlessly. As we understand that it is quite important to have a copy of all your data stored somewhere in your local system as backup, we provide only the best solutions.

This article consists of the perfect solution to help you understand how you can securely export Amazon Workmail.

Amazon Workmail is widely known as e-commerce business platform that offers a good amount of products differing from one another for every user’s needs. Apart from all the clothing, electronics, etc. it also offers its own managed email services.

Now, due to the largely known name of Amazon, its email services are also kept under protection, yet, you can never be sure with the hackers or ransomware attacks. As there is no manual way to create a backup, let’s check out the professional’s way to do it.

How Can You Perform the AWS Workmail Export Process?

To download the emails from your mailbox, you have to first install the Amazon Workmail Backup Tool on your Windows OS machine. This software will help you to export your emails in various file formats including PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, & MSG.

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It is possible to free up the server space in the server by deleting the emails from the mailbox by using the Delete After Download option. The tool will automatically delete the messages that you have downloaded on your computer.

Let’s find out the steps to export Amazon Workmail using the tool, followed by the features of the software.

Note: If you are a Mac OS user, you can download the IMAP Backup Tool and perform the backup operation easily.

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Stepwise Guide to Download Emails Via the Software

1. Download the software and enter the sign in your AWS Workmail account and hit Login.


2. Select the EML format from the Select E-mail Format section and click on the Browse button to pick a destination path.


3. Click on the Delete after Download button to remove the emails from the mailbox and hit Yes to confirm.


4. Hit the Apply Filter button for selective AWS Workmail export and set the dates in the Date-filter feature. You can also choose the folders you want to export emails from.


5. Finally, press the Start button to begin the process.


The software runs on all the Windows OS editions regardless of its versions 32 bit or 64 bit.

There are plenty of features that can be used for a selective export process for emails of both default and custom domains.

Moving on to the features.

Intuitive Features of the Software for Amazon Workmail Export

1. Date-Filter – The software allows you to export the data from your mailbox as per different time periods. This means that you can select a specific time-duration to export only those emails that fall under this period. Mark the dates in “from” and “to” sections to set the duration.

2. Delete after Download – This feature is one of the best features of the software which will make it possible for you to gain free space in the mailbox. You just have to confirm that you want to use this feature during the process to export Amazon Workmail and the tool will automatically delete the data after exporting it.

3. Save Attachment on Disk – If you select the PDF format to export your data into, then you can mark the checkbox beside this option. It will also print the attachments integrated with your emails and export them on your local storage device at desired location.

4. Incremental Backup – With this feature, you have the liberty to scan your mailbox again after completing the first backup process. It will find out if there are any new data received after you perform AWS Workmail export process for the first time. If so found, it will export only those emails to your desired location and avoid duplicity.

5. Maintain Folder Hierarchy – Preserving the structure of the folder and keeping the intact is a priority of this tool. It will make sure that no changes are made to the order of the folders and the hierarchy is kept the same as in the source platform. It also keeps the metadata and attributes intact.

6. Pause & Resume – This tool to export Amazon Workmail offers this feature to help you manage the export process as per your requirement. Meaning, you can pause the process if there is a lost internet connectivity or if you feel the need for it. Then, resume it whenever according to your desire.

Wrap Up

It is important to have your data downloaded on your local storage so that you can keep it safe from all external threats. One such emails service provider as explained here is Amazon Workmail.

Perform AWS Workmail export operation without having to go through any trouble. The solution explained here has been chosen keeping in mind all the troubles that a user has to go through if the right method is not provided.