How to Add Text Watermark in PDF Without Acrobat?

Isha Ratra | June 28th, 2018 | Tips

As we all know that Adobe Acrobat has the functionality to produce PDF documents and allows users to perform multiple operations on PDF. Along with this, a user can easily create watermark PDF file with the help of this Adobe Acrobat application, but due to its paid version, many users are unable to afford it. Therefore, to resolve this problem we have discussed a free solution i.e. SysTools Free PDF Watermark Tool which can easily add text watermark in PDF without Acrobat.

Quick Glance on Tool to Insert Watermark in PDF Free

The PDF Watermark Adder application is designed specially by keeping all requirement of the user’s in mind. It provides multiple features and options while adding a watermark to PDF document. This utility also facilitates the user to add watermark to PDF files in batch. there is no limitation on the number and size of PDF document which is to be watermarked. In addition, the tool is also capable to work with both text as well as image watermark. A user can insert image watermark of any image format like JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc. Along with this, one can also adjust the transparency level of the watermark with this reliable utility. This application is supported by all versions of Windows Operating systems including 10 to add text or image watermark in PDF.

Features of the Tool to Add Text Watermark in PDF

Add Watermark as Text or Image

With the help of this PDF Watermark adder application, a user can easily insert watermark in text or image format. As the user downloads the software, the tool provides the options like:

1- Text watermark

2- Image watermark

Any option can be selected by the user, as per their requirement.

Set Watermark Position

If a user wants to set the position of watermark then, this tool provides multiple options. It includes Top horizontal, bottom horizontal, Left vertical, right vertical, Top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right any option can be chosen by the user.

Set Watermark Color & Font Size

When the user wants to add text watermark in PDF file then, the tool provides the facility to set the watermark color and font size. There are multiple color options provided by the tool, any color from an inbuilt color palette of the tool can be selected.

Scale Image to Fit Position

The application also permits users to scale the image. Image positions options like To Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Middle Left, Center, Middle right, Bottom Left, Bottom middle and Bottom right are provided by the tool. After this, users can check the scan image feature to fit it into the selected position. Once, the user selects the required option tool will generate a small summary report containing all watermarking details.

How Tool Add Text Watermark in PDF Without Acrobat

  • Firstly, download the software to create watermark PDF file
  • After that, click on Watermark option
  • Choose watermark option as Text or Image
  • Click on Add Files or Folder option
  • Select the desired Tert watermark option
  • Add the text which has to appear as a watermark
  • Choose font, color, and transparency
  • Choose the destination location to save the resultant file
  • Lastly, click Generate button

Technical Description of Free PDF Watermark Tool

Developer SysTools Group
Current Version 1.0
Price Free
Size 4.3 MB
Supported Type of PDF All PDF Versions
Adobe Acrobat Installation Required No
Supported Windows OS Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions


  • The tool add text watermark in PDF without Acrobat installation
  • No limitation on the number of PDF files


  • Cannot insert the watermark on corrupt PDF files


By looking at the overall functionality and performance of the application, the PDF Watermark Adder tool can easily be rated as 9.8 out of 10. Although tool does not add watermark on corrupt PDF files still it works really good. We can easily say that it is a productive application which can easily add text watermark in PDF without Acrobat.