How to Unlock Access Database Password – Tip & Trick to Clarify

Nilesh Kumar | April 17th, 2019 | Tips

MS Access database is a utility which is most commonly utilized all over the universe. Mainly, users prefer it due to its advancement such as it facilitates users to set a password on the crucial database to make that protected. Once the users locked their Access database MDB file using a complex password, so it becomes impossible to unlock that without an appropriate password. When we are going through the forum sites so there were many users who are searching an efficient way to resolve how to unlock Access database password. Users ask this query when they forgot the access database password.

However, we consider this issue and come up with this comprehensive article to let users know about how to get rid of from this issue. Thus, go through the complete blog to understand more, but before proceeding further initially, take a quick look on below-mentioned user’s real-time query. Have a look:

User’s Real-Time Experienced Scenario

“I have a protected Access MDB file which I received from one of my colleagues. However, that file is password protected by our manager who is no longer in the company. Mainly, I and my colleague already tried to unlock Access database password but, we are unable to do so. Ultimately, we need an automated approach to open MS Access database password. If is there any proficient solution is available so please recommend me. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Know How to Open Access Database Password

There is no direct manual solution which has the ability to resolve your issue. But, do not worry! Here, is the best technique named Access Database Password Recovery Tool. With the help of this software, you can unlock Access database ‘MDB file’ password without any hindrance. Mainly, this tool is programmed with enriched features and functionalities which helps to provide you an expected result.

This tool has come up with a self-explanatory interface. So, a non-technical user can also implement the procedure to open a locked MDB file. Moreover, you can utilize this software in any local Windows machine. Because this tool extensively supports all advanced and below versions of Windows Operating System.

Steps to Unlock MS Access Database Password

Here, in this segment, we are going to disclose the instructions to open the protected Access database password. We have discussed all the steps sequentially, you just have to execute all of them to get the finest outcome. Let’s get started:

Step 1: First of all, download and run the software on your machine.

download access password recovery tool

Step 2: Now, hit a click on Copy Password to copy the retrieved Access database password

step 3

Step 3: Then, select the Open Selected Database option to unlock Access database password.

step 3

Step 4: Finally, you can open a protected Access MDB file and view the database.


“Once you forgot access database password and looking for an appropriate solution to fix the issue as soon as possible. At times, you do not have any solution apart from the third-party tool. Despite this, you can try to remember the password. Mainly, you should try to enter your lucky numbers, date of birth, memorable years, and so on. In case, you did not find any match so conclusively, you can go with an automated solution without wasting time.”

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you will get rid of from your issue such as how to unlock Access database password. Using the proficient software as we mentioned above, you can do the same without any hassle. Mainly, there are so many applications are already present over the internet. But you should choose eminent functionality from all of them. Because one decision can make the situation worse.