How to Recover Deleted Files from NAS Drive – Instant Solution

Shini Mohan | October 31st, 2020 | Data Recovery

Summary:- Since there is no shared drive recycle bin, you cannot recover deleted files from NAS drive simply as from computer local hard drive. The good news is that there is automated software to recover deleted files, documents, pictures, videos, and all types of files from a network drive, for example, SysTools Windows Data Recovery Software. It is convenient to recover deleted files from network drive shared folder that bypasses the recycle bin. Read the write-up and know the working step of the data.

Overview of Network Drive Data Recovery

A network drive is a storage device on LAN (local access network) within a personal or professional, and this can be located on a server, a NAS device, a portable hard drive, or one of the networked PC.

When users select a file on a network drive shared folder and hit the Delete button, all Windows can genuinely do is to tell the Network OS to delete it. Because Windows doesn’t do the removing, the data file won’t display in the Windows Recycle Bin. As soon as you or other granted users mistakenly delete a file or massive files from the shared folder created on the network drive, there is the best possible way that can assist recover deleted files from network hard drive. If users are trying to find a network drive data recovery solution, or you are just interested in this topic, users can read on to get the information.

Method 1. How To Restore Files From Network Drive by Using Trusted Software

Windows will prompt a permanent deletion when users are trying to delete a file on the shared drive, which means that it won’t go to the Windows recycle bin but disappeared from the drive for permanent. If Ctrl Z, the undo option has failed, you need to apply SysTools hard drive recovery software and take actions as instructed below. This tool can retrieve damaged data from hard drive.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From NAS or Computer Hard Drive

Here, in this section, users will get the instructions to use the shift deleted files recovery process. This tool can recover deleted HTML files from hard drive. All the steps are revealed consecutively. Users just have to follow all of them to get the expected output.

Step 1: Firstly, download and launch data recovery software to your system
recover deleted data SSD recover permanently deleted data from SSD

Step 2: Now, the tool will provide two options like Scan and Formatted Scan. So, you have to select normal Scan to proceed ahead to recover deleted files from NAS drive. Formatted Scan to recover files from formatted hard drive in Windows.

how to recover deleted files from network drive shared folder

Step 3: Now utility will automatically highlight those folders which carry data files inside. Afterward, you need to hit on any folder to expand and explore to preview the whole data into the right panel of the tool.

how to recover deleted files from network hard drive

Step 4: Then, the tool will display all the restored permanently deleted data from laptop in the right panel. From here, users can save specific or all retrieved files as per their needs.

how to restore files from network drive

Time to Verdict

Now, you aware of the approach to recover deleted files from NAS or hard drive and portable storage devices like pen drive, memory card, hard drive, etc. without any hindrance. As we all know, no free solution is available. So, an only automated solution can work effectively and efficiently in this circumstance. Despite that, users got so many resolutions while users come across the internet. But, it’s your time to find out the difference between the best and worst.